star trek episode the balance of terror

The forward phaser room is the only one available, and Tomlinson is staffing it alone. Comic Book News & Reviews. The Enterprise must decide on its response when a Romulan ship makes a destructively hostile armed probe of Federation territory. Kirk goes to the chapel to comfort Martine. The wedding ceremony Kirk performs will be seen again given by Picard when he married the O’Briens in TNG’s “Data’s Day” and by Ross when he married Sisko and Yates in DS9’s “Til Death Do Us Part.”. No sex, please, we’re Starfleet. Sulu points out the issues with firing on a target they can’t see, plus the report would be so much more awesome if they could say they also destroyed a starship. The episode was directed by Vincent McEveety and written by Paul Schneider. This episode is the only time the firing of weapons on the ship is done by relaying commands from captain to navigator to phaser room—though there is a reference to “phaser crews” in “The Corbomite Maneuver.” After this, weapons are fired directly from the navigation console, either by the helmsman or navigator. The interrupted wedding. 5 = One of the best. Star Trek Enterprise episode transcripts. I’m a doctor not an escalator. An urgent call from an Outpost interrupts the wedding, and the ship discovers that a series of outposts have been destroyed by a new energy weapon. It’s about Martine, who’ll never get to marry the man she loves. It’s about McCoy, unwilling to accept war as a given. Read the next Star Trek review: "The Conscience of the King" This story is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Also the phasers seem to fire like photon torpedoes (which hadn’t been conceived yet) and like torpedoes in submarines. Sulu floors the accelerator, but the weapon is still overtaking them. He orders Decius to put all debris in the disposal tubes—as well as the body of the centurion, who was killed saving the commander’s life from falling debris during the Enterprise’s earlier attack at the comet. Spock detects the debris, but reports that it has insufficient mass to be the ship. The war ended with a treaty, negotiated via subspace, establishing a Neutral Zone between the two governments’ territories, with outposts on asteroids monitoring. The episode was directed by Vincent McEveety and written by Paul Schneider. Captain’s log. The episode was directed by Vincent McEveety and written by Paul Schneider. McCoy’s trademark humanism is on display in the briefing room, as he’s against war at all costs, and he also gives Kirk a rather hokey speech about how there’s billions of planets in the universe, but only one Jim Kirk. Like all episodes from the series, "Balance of Terror" was digitally remastered with upgraded visual effects. In Review: Star Trek: Voyager—Seven’s Reckoning #2 (of 4) … But after Star Wars came out in '77, the old Star Trek episodes started to come on in the afternoon, and I was psyched (Star Wars got me into Star Trek). Preview this Star Trek: The Original Series episode, "Balance of Terror." “Balance of Terror” Written by Paul Schneider Directed by Vincent McEveety Season 1, Episode 8 Production episode 6149-09 Original air date: … 3 = Good! Lots of circuit burnouts, and lots of people with radiation burns. After attacking an outpost, Romulans battle the Enterprise Air Date: Dec 15, 1966 Byrne also adapted the episode in comic book form. Plus, every single scene on the Romulan ship, giving us a complex character in the commander and a wonderful glimpse at the politics of life in the Romulan Star Empire. The USS Discovery from 2017’s STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. But it laid a lot of good groundwork for the franchise's action stories, and remains a nostalgic success. His ancestors who fought in the Earth-Romulan War are seen in Starfleet Year One by Friedman and the Romulan War duology by Martin. The commander refuses to decloak and waste energy firing the weapon again, especially since he isn’t sure it’ll work. Stiles would have died also, but Spock pulled him out in time to save his life. | Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. "Balance of Terror" is, to this Star Trek fan, what the series is all about. Star Trek: Enterprise muddies those waters by giving the Romulans, the Xyrillians, and the Suliban primitive cloaking tech in the 22nd century (a full century before this episode is set) and Star Trek: Discovery explicitly retcons it by giving the Klingons cloaking devices in 2256, set ten years before "Balance of Terror". "Balance of Terror" does a nice job of working out the moves and counter moves in the running battle. But of course the big guest is Mark Lenard as the commander. Yes, there are stakes here, and yes the potential consequence of an interstellar war is a devastating one, but it works on an emotional level because throughout the entire episode, we see that it’s not about governments fighting or space ships firing on each other, it’s about people. 4 = Great! Amazingly, the only Enterprise crew member who dies is Tomlinson. Balance of Terror is essential Star Trek. In Episode 14 of Fascinating? Original air date: December 15, 1966 There’s just no way in the huge-ass vastness of space that being visible really matters all that much. When Uhura says that cryptography is working on the code they intercepted, Stiles mutters, “Give it to Spock,” at which point Kirk tears him about fifteen new assholes with regards to being a bigot on his bridge. Recurring regulars DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Nichelle Nichos, and Grace Lee Whitney are all here, too. But that’s a minor nit in what is otherwise a brilliant episode, one of Trek’s finest that also gave us the franchise’s longest-running antagonists in the Romulans. I’ve talked about it about it quite a bit in my earlier reviews, so I won’t dwell on it too much here, but Star Trek got really good really quickly. [Ship's Chapel] SCOTT: The ceremony will be carried on all viewing screens, sir. On the Romulan ship, their commander orders the cloak reactivated. This unique Star Trek: The Original Series Juan Ortiz Arena Wrapped Canvas beautifully memorializes the classic Arena episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The U.S.S. McCoy bucks him up with a bit of existentialism. We could have addressed prejudice and bigotry in outstanding ways. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices. A “Touchstone” for Star Trek: Discovery. Reviews; Indieweb Television; Books ; Todays Date. Directed by Vincent McEveety. Stiles volunteers to help out, and Kirk sends him down, putting Uhura at navigation, and orders Spock to play dead, in the hopes of luring the Romulans back to their side of the Zone. The story is tense, compelling, and thought-provoking. Release Dates The Romulan commander looks just like a Vulcan. Capt. (How he did so without the warhead used for that purpose is left as an exercise for the viewer.). Paul Schneider’s script doesn’t just wear its submarine-movie influences on its sleeve, it wears the whole damn shirt. Directed by Vincent McEveety McCoy, for his part, thinks they’re insane to start a war that will cost millions of lives over theories about a people they know nothing about.

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