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Dec 18, 2020: Romantic opportunities may come to your attention, particularly if you’re eager to get into the dating loop or have been biding your time since your last relationship. Idk how, but please fix this problem. Please update your dates or fix the issue of having August 23rd-ers categorized as Leos when even in the app it says August 23rd is a Virgo. Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology has 12 079 user reviews. So I definitely recommend this app to anyone I know who is at least a bit interested in astrology, thank you for making this app so great! Printables. And so on, and so forth, I can actually tell a lot about this app. I appreciate the positive horoscopes. The actual horoscope is so brief compared to other options I've explored, while being the most expensive(literally $40). I swiped over to the month horoscope and it says August for two of the categorizes. Thank you Nebula team! I don’t know enough about the app yet but it dosent seem very genuine to me. Horoscope for a year. There is no one else connected to my account. If you’re going to categorize me as a Leo, then at least change the dates you categorize with so there is at least an explanation. Try not to take your frustrations out on people who have nothing to do with them. But you’d better try yourself. Maybe it’s just a mistake from someone who got confused? I am not sure who writes these or how they come up with them but it's almost crazy how accurate they are sometimes!! And all the other features are absolutely great, that is the only thing I wanted you to consider. Apple support could not help because they couldn’t see where the charge was coming from either and suggested that someone else in my household made the purchase. I put in my dob, and it gives me the wrong info for a different dob. . Honestly, I wish I could get past the Leo/Virgo issue I had, but it really bothers me and I think I’m going to have to delete the app. Crazy accurate!!! Vedic compatibility. This app has also helped me to ground myself, keep me focused, and guide me to make decisions every day. I love this app, it is so accurate to read people if you know their birthdate and place where they are born in. ... $3.99 "Capricorn" poster. I was recommended to try this app and at first thought they had a free option with ads, however as soon as I entered my info it prompted me to pay. After checking the app, I realized the in-app purchases add up with the random and constant attempts from apple to collect $9.99. As for the app itself. If it’s about gender And not the sex of someone, I’d suggest simply adding non binary because it’s both a term people identify with and an umbrella term people might use when they don’t fall into the male or female binary. It is not just another horoscope app, It is a personal astrology coach in your pocket, which includes horoscopes and psychic readings, relationship improvement plan, astrology map, astrology love wheel! I love the fact of when you are setting the app up to your customization, it asks more than just your name and birth date, with the little bit of extra information you provide of what time you were born and where, it is able to open up so much more of your personal chart. You can learn that from astrology course inside an app.. And then you can discover what actually happens in your life and see this huge connection! And if it is sex the please do add intersex or hermaphrodite, both preferably. It’s been giving me anxiety. When I put in all the info, the app alerted me that I would receive an email by 11am the next day. I like the “Learn” section and the “Relationships”H section too. Western compatibility. I love this app! I’d love to continue using this app if I can! I was told that I am, for reasons unknown, ineligible for a refund. I also tried to find a customer service email address so I wouldn’t have to post a review. Capricorn Man Aquarius Man Pisces Man . It’s a nice app but my only issue is the gender selection it is only male and female. Just so ya know creators not everyone likes the opposite gender. I don’t like that it has many different pricing for subscriptions. I accidentally selected membership instead of the 3 day free trial. This is obviously intentional. I have yet to explore the app, because I do not have the option that best suits me in the gender question. This app takes convenience out of astrology on mobile. If you can avoid getting into a possessive or obsessive frame of mind, the relationship can proceed in a more natural, organic way. I also don’t like that you can’t go back to edit your info. I’m going to be buying a full rundown from them in a week and I am so nervous because they have predicted every day to a T, so nervous about my life. Western compatibility. I’ve given it a couple days, hoping that it will show up. I am now stuck with either not using it and wasting my hard earned money, or using an app I DO NOT WANT. I know it sounds weird, but this matches so deeply so accurately that I cannot explain it. Secondly, I noticed that I accidentally put in the wrong birth time. There are far more genders than two and if you disagree go ask a scientist. So just keep rocking! Also as afab (a female at birth I put female bc I just wanted to try the app) when there is mentioning of relationships it was assumed as he bc I put female. I literally just got it 2 days ago, when my friend recommended it to me, and I’ve already learned different things about the signs, and palms! And I found out my time of birth later, but there is no way to input it into the horoscope. But as far as I know noone has actually done something like that, at least none of those apps that I’ve used before, and I am telling you this because I really like your app. Thank you for this app I rate it as 5 stars!!! I like how easy it is to switch between horoscopes, day, week, month. I thought I was bringing it into existence by reading it so I tested it and read it after my day and yet it matches exactly. The most accurate zodiac predictions from the best astrologers! Clairvoyant, Crystal Reading,... ... "Capricorn" poster. However, in the app it says August 23rd is a Virgo, yet it says I am a Leo in the app. Please keep it as a free feature, it will draw a lot more customers! Download Nebula: Horoscope & Widgets and enjoy it … Yes you get a free compatibility report, just one, if you wanted to try another you’d have to subscribe and pay. Nebula suggests a new way of approaching your personal life and relationships extrapolating your birth chart to everyday life. Emailed the tech support - no response. It literally makes the app unusable when I can’t even load certain information because I get a full screen prompt asking to download this companion app over and over again. Quick View "Aquarius" poster. We are here to make your life easier, better, and more sophisticated—an astrology app that can be your personal sanctuary and help solve your problems. Anyways there should be at least an other choice or maybe custom option. The ads for one downloadable feature or stickers or something arbitrary one day became pop up annoyances, I can handle the typical pop up ad window and watch some bs clip of some bs product I’m never gonna consider buying a couple dozen times a day, without question, I’ve even enjoyed a service enough to shockingly pay to subscribe and turn off ads as a side effect of the other membership benefits one appreciates. I don’t believe there would be people doing so much work to prepare horoscopes for free. Or you can just go for personal reading from astrologist, but this is more exciting for me. Or you can learn about previous month and analyze it as well! Although this could be very small to some people making it normalized on the most random apps are playing a part in something that is natural. Accurate, honest and good intentions! I sometimes wish I read it before that day though so I could brace myself for some of that crazier things that this app has predicted. Nebula - Horoscope & Astrology | Nebula is the most amazing and accurate horoscope app you've ever seen. Not only is this app crazy accurate, but it provides education on everything you would want to know about astrology, birth and gemstones, your birth time, palm reading, etc. Though, even if it was about someone’s sex, you would still be leaving people out, intersex people or hermaphrodites. My mom is a Scorpio, and she totally acts like one. Get a simple yes or no answer with actionable advice. BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOWNLOADING THIS APP. Some are deals are worse than others, but what’s advertised in the app is different from the phone settings subscription page. Welcome to, your guide to revealing what the cosmos has in store for you with the help of our horoscopes, Tarot readings, birth charts, and more. But for those who haven’t seen real astrologers, this app is the closest to it I’ve ever seen And I can tell you for sure that with the help of the stars you can find out the most important numbers in your life, which tattoo should people of your sign do, when is the best moon for a new haircut, and a lot more. Weekly; Monthly; 2020; tomorrow. However the love compatibility option needs to have gender options as masculine and feminine vibrations effect compatibility a lot! I highly recommend this app. I am AnnaSimone, a crystal ball and tarot reader with... There’s anticipation in the air, which could turn into a mild obsession, particularly if there’s a special someone you’re very interested in. Nebula suggests a new way of approaching your personal life and relationships extrapolating your birth chart to everyday life. She’s always stinging me with her stinger . ... Wallpapers "Capricorn" Wallpapers "Aquarius" Wallpapers "Pisces" ©2020 by Nebula app. )Can’t wait? Horoscope for a year. The only thing I like about this app is the features it has such as the palmistry, however, you need to subscribe for $119 (annual) or 9.99 (monthly) to be able to access many or these features. This app has way too many bugs and needs to be worked on before being offered, it's not worth any money especially the ridiculous amount the pop ups offer. I can honestly say that each day I am improving personally and spiritually. That is something unique that I’ve never seen on a horoscope app before. This app is great! Today, try to make sure your two worlds stay separate. Leo is a sign ruled by the sun itself. Nebula suggests a new way of approaching your personal life and relationships extrapolating your birth chart to everyday life. Quick View "Pisces" poster. If you don’t think it is natural ask yourself what’s the definition of natural? They have my moon sign as gemini. Don't waste money on subscription when same level of service is free. **Revised: this is not about a subscription. The daily horoscopes are nice and even though it categorized me as a Leo instead of a Virgo, I was happy that I could still view the Virgo horoscope. Idk I’d at least like to have the right moths in my horoscope that costs over a $100 a year, or $9.99 a month. I understand the whole cusp thing gives me qualities of both, but in the app it lists the beginning of Virgo as August 23rd, but yet it categorizes me as a Leo, which ends the 22nd? Click the icon above to search for an app of your choice to compare. . Nebula horoscope & astrology: the most accurate zodiac predictions from the real astrologers . Welcome to Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology Shop. Loading... Unsubscribe from Nebula - Horoscope & Astrology? I also like that you don’t necessarily need to sign up for an account, it just uses your birth information. Enter a Live Psychic Chat Now to find out! Please do better. HOWEVER, I soon started getting charged 9.99 WEEKLY from Apple and could not for the life of me find out where the hell these charges were coming from. Not sure if it would make a difference but it seems like it is important. How was my pricing determined? see more about Nebula: Horoscope & Astrology, My horoscope still says August and it’s the middle of September, HIDDEN CHARGES WONT SHOW UP UNDER PURCHASES OR SUBSCRIPTIONS, Select an app to compare and find out which fits your needs. I prefer to read my horoscope in the evening, to analyze the whole day and to remember the details which my daily horoscope describes, it’s like you summarize your day and remember everything the most significant from it. Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces. Western compatibility. I’ve read through many reviews and have come to the conclusion that Nebula is VERY aware that their subscription process is confusing and causing a lot of people to mistakenly lose out on a LOT of money. I verified this under the subscription tab on my Apple account. I would read things and they would happen. I did not, and reached out to the support wondering why. Unfortunately, when I confirmed, what I thought was the 3 day trial, the full membership option lit up and I was charged $127. With Nebula you can: - Get a deeper understanding of yourself based on your zodiac sign. Download and print personalized artworks, informative checklists, persona numbers explanation and plan 2020 year in … I even tried the free trail, looking to see if it was a premium thing (which I would/could never stomach paying that much)... which I’m really hoping that it’s not. Will it be released for the new year? I used to not like being a Cancer because of the name but now that I read about it, the more that I realize it’s pretty cool. Receive our Free Weekly Horoscope in your Inbox. (Speaking of which [Im not sure if this is a feature] can you add options to change gender or pronouns because not everyone is entirely sure of gender or pronouns).

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