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Play some music as children bat the balloons around and keep them in the air. Everyone loves to get mail, and this is a good way to send them a friendly greeting before they meet you in person. The students can then present it in with their classmates and answer questions about it. FRUIIT BASKET You should model this. When time is up, ask each group how many items they have listed. When the music stops the children “capture” a balloon and freeze in their position. Ask how they knew which apple was theirs (they will indicate things like color, size, shape, special features). Teachers honoring mentors who were instrumental in their own growth as an educator. For example, are they on a soccer or T-ball team? Students of all ages like this because they get to move a bit and because it is a very non-threatening way to learn about their classmates and to see what they have in common. Directions say the next step is to have 3 people of the same relative size match up. This will NOT embarrass the child as it will be part of program routine and he’ll learn from his friend. Once again, have chairs in a circle … From Fun Literacy Activities for After-School Programs by Sue Edwards & Kathleen Martinez. After the three options are read, the class needs to determine which 2 are true and which is a lie. By not looking-you won’t judge if it is good or bad—so just flow with it. 28. Once fans are folded, have students write their names on the top section, unfold their fan, and pass it to a classmate. Younger grades may need a printed name card that they can color.). If the children totally concentrate on the “object” between them, they will use as much energy as if there were a real rope between them. Use a permanent marker to write a question on each panel of a blow-up beach ball. In the process they get to learn 2 things about each classmate. This is a fun brain break to use throughout the year as well. Summarize the importance of individual differences and similarities in people. (If you have an odd number of children in the group, use a card yourself.). 1. You can also Compile a “Big Welcome Book” for new students to learn all about your program – each year up-date the book. Have everyone stand in a circle and pass the beach ball around the circle by throwing it up in the air—. They might choose to draw pictures of the band instrument they play, their favorite sport, their dog, their car, etc. (I think I’d have four) The ‘Faller’ is to remain stiff as a log — and fall backwards. Friends then respond on the pages and sign their name below their response. Have children  decorate the collages with crayons or markers in colors they believe represent each feeling. 33. If a caller says “fruit basket” all participants have to change chairs. •Each child receives a balloon (either inflated or they blow up). (Post a sign with the 1-2-3 as a reminder) Yes, it does work. 29. Teens use “awesome,” or whatever expression is current. Good for a “Special Activity” in smaller groups (Also in Diversity/Multi-Cultural Category). When it is time to visit the museum, half of the players stay with their exhibits, while the other half visit and have the creators explain them. Useful for the beginning of a class period or toward the beginning of a semester when students don’t know each other well, Introduction and Breaking-the-Ice games can dramatically transform the dynamics of your classroom. Each participant promises to approach one person that day and finish the sentence: “One of the things I like about you is _________.”. KINDNESS LESSON… Journaling is a great idea for all! Create a shared group identity and reinforce the importance of working together as a team by doing a program or school cheer: Variation: Use this activity with groups of 4-5 students and have each group create a cheer using a different word that relates to a positive aspect of working as a team, such as S-U-C-C-E-S-S, S-U-P-P-O-R-T, or C-O-N-N-E-C-T. (Books written with a lesson built in– for children) One by one, each person announces something that they have never done; for example, they say, “Never have I been on a cruise.” For each statement, all the other players remove a finger if they have done that statement. They can refer to the list on the board for ideas. One 5th-grade class decided to bridge the distance by writing and presenting each younger student with a book. Example is wearing sneakers or has brown hair, etc. Have ribbon available where kids can tie small bows in between to say “I like pretty things” or…, Actual beads in-between for “I’m creative”…, You can also drill holes or pierce the center of other candies—and with the kids, decide what each item represents…. Once they feel that, they can reach for the object in front of them. On a board, list the reasons children like to wear these kinds of T-shirts. (All Ages) Then have students share their results. To use this resource virtually:. After a pair stands up, have them find another pair and all 4 of them must sit down and stand up. Equipment: Small random object – keys, phone, stone, etc. Encourage these children to stand up and show their T-shirts to the group. Discuss why this is important. I’M A WORK IN PROGRESS! Ask other children if they have any similar shirts at home. For all ages-Approximately 15 minutes. Your students may be new to you and to their new classroom, but they have been through their first-day jitters and routines before. (Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School or Secondary) This Digital All About Me is the Perfect Virtual Back to School Activity that can be used in the Distance Learning Classroom, t . To introduce or learn something about each other— To provide physical activity, have fun, build community spirit. It can end here…OR…. Do you want to use this get to know you activity in your classroom…. Move on until each person in the group has shared their statements. Students share information about themselves using the sentence stems their left and right pointer fingers are closest to. After all exhibits are presented, discuss how much people were willing to reveal about themselves. Point out that a girl may be a daughter, a sister, a niece, and a granddaughter, while a boy may be a son, a brother, a nephew, and a grandson. Adapted from “Route to Reform: K-8 service-learning Curriculum Ideas,” © 1994-95 National Youth Leadership Council. Each 5th grader then wrote, illustrated, designed, and bound a book about his or her assigned kindergarten student. Everyone stands in a circle holding hands. Source: For fun, ask them to announce some of the most interesting items. Canva and Adobe Spark are both free resources that students grades 6 and up can use.). Teachers have suggested that many of these worksheets be used in your first class with students but this getting-to-know-you activity is a little different. They presented their gifts at a party, where the classes got to know each other better. I had the students place the name card in front of them for the first week of school so that I could connect a name to their face until I learned all their names. Lia-Baldwin Elementary School, 30. These activities present the students with a few choices, four to six, in a specific category. Ask children to tell about the different roles they fill in their families. It can be completed as described or cut out, mounted and decorated. Have youth draw pictures to show some of the different roles they fill in their lives (some children may need more than one sheet). Distribute construction paper and tape to each team. This can be humorous (e.g. A plain, light-colored T-shirt from home for each child, Paints or markers designed for use on clothing. Aug 2, 2020 - Explore Janelle Hess's board "Get to know you activities", followed by 117 people on Pinterest. 27. I’m sure we will do this again just because the children loved it so much! Declare a day in your program that this is Say Something Nice Day. Maybe they would like to make a welcome banner or sign. This child can help the newcomer feel welcome and connected as well as serve as a guide by touring the classroom and explaining routines. EduKate & Inspire shared this photo on Instagram of her students finding common ground! At the end, it looks like a large web of diversity…(Have fun rerolling it!). Have someone at the front of the lines watching, and have someone at the back of the lines watching also. Have students break into dyads. Example: Does it have fur? This lot of fun and can be played for a long time. ESL Get to Know You Activity - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - Elementary (A1-A2) - 30 minutes In this get to know you activity, students discover secrets about their classmates by asking yes/no questions. When you are back together at the end of the day, share your experiences. With social distancing protocols, there are still ways you can create classroom culture and get to know your students. Young children will come up with words such as “yummy”, “lollipops”, “mommy”. (The first year I did this, I was afraid they would think it was too elementary, but they actually told me it made them feel professional with their name card in front of them!). Check out Vocab Gal's tutorial for converting PDFs so they can be completed online.. A version for younger children could be for each child to create a commercial about what is nice about their “friend.” For a novel way to present it–get an appliance box/large box; cut am oblong hole in it to represent the screen. These games and activities will help the kids feel included in the program or activities. 2. DREAMY SCRIBBLES In this formation have the team move from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. Once fans are folded, have students write their names on the top section, unfold their fan, and pass it … While shouting out the letters T-E-A-M, have them use their arms to spell the letters over their heads, similar to the YMCA cheer that was made popular by the Village People. Have each team form a straight line that is shoulder to shoulder. Go on as such until the entire group is together and have everyone try to stand up. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS (See the Acts of Kindness Category). You start by selecting a person to roll the yarn to. 25. Examples: Pleasure, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction, ecstasy, bliss, elation, rapture, rhapsody, gaiety, glee, happiness, festive, glad, pleased, cheerful, joyful, excitement, heaven, enchantment, exhilaration, radiant, etc. In order to have the students meet the faculty and staff on a different level– have  faculty bring in a picture of themselves and a picture of their pet. (Adjust for a larger group). Insta-bulletin board! So the first Smith paper would be Mr. Smith, the second Mrs. Smith, and the third Brother Smith and so on. The first day of class, tell your students that you are going to try to learn all of their names by the end of the week and you need their help. Have each student choose an apple. Instruct youth that their shoes are fused to the person‘s shoe to their right and left. The player can use magazine clippings, a poem, a favorite object, a flower, a lucky number, a favorite color, a photo from a favorite movie, a family photo, a self-portrait, an essay etc. Interview a Classmate. © Copyright 2020 - Kids Activities | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions |kid activities is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It ends up being a powerful first-day getting-to-know-you activity! Before coming to you, children are to ask three of their peers to assist them! You’ll be amazed how the atmosphere can change—as well all realizing it doesn’t have to be a trip to Disney to do it! I drink coffee every morning. Each candy would represent a characteristic. (As a journalism teacher I used this one so students got practice writing questions, interviewing, and writing a short profile. Also conduct a musical survey to get to know your students. At the party, children can share with each other what their Me-shirts tell about themselves. It is also very non-threatening because the student gets to choose their own items to share and talk about. Here is an extensive list of get to know you games for kids. Then try to “beat” the first “time”. See more ideas about get to know you activities, getting to know you, teaching. Assign a buddy. Example: If Tommy can’t tie his shoe and he comes to you—question to see if he asked three of his friends to help. one mom and one dad. Each student must tell the class two truths and a lie about him or herself and have the class guess which statement is the lie. Thanks for this great team building exercise! Each participant can take a turn at reading off the person’s list to that person aloud. Getting-To-Know-You Activities Activities that have students share their opinions or tell something about themselves is an excellent way for them to connect with other children they have something in common with. The class sits in a circle on chairs, with one person standing in the middle. Once comfortable, the person in the center closes their eyes. Bookmark Greeting: Get to Know Your Readers. Place the pictures on the bulletin board in a scrambled up manner and have the student decide who goes with which pet. They can use only the given supplies. When it is time to share the Truths and Lie you can either have the student read their own, have them randomly draw a paper and read it, or you can read them for them. These can be posted around the room as well as shared verbally. Have students make a fan by folding the paper back and forth into seven equal sections. Place a small item in the middle of the two front people, and place it just within their reach. Make sure you check out our fun improv games for kids as well as our fun gym games. Make it a goal to call each family in the first few weeks of school. Everyone who fits the statement must move (run) to another chair. by Time Out For Teachers | Jul 12, 2020 | Tips & Tricks. So, if three other people have been on a cruise, those three people must put down a finger, leaving them with nine fingers. You can spread this out over the first week. Need: Paper, markers, tape In my experience, many children liked to have their own version. ANIMAL GUESSING GAME: Elementary students can walk through this self guided Google Slides activity about the elements of art! This project grew positive relationships not only between classes but also between parents and the school. This isn’t a game but a great way to assemble kids quickly. This shows the students that they can share simple, non-threatening information. Any happy word will do. Some children may be wearing such T-shirts. Suggest that one way in which all people are similar is that they all have a star inside them (something special that makes them shine, that they especially like about themselves), just like each apple has a star inside it. HAPPY FEEL GOOD WORDS (All Ages): Three different Versions! If no—say, “Tommy needs help in tying his shoe…can someone help?”. Brighten up your Getting to Know You sessions and combine it with your Art lesson to create a beautiful display for your classroom with this gorgeous mandala that your students will love. Write their ideas on each finger of the hand drawing. Students can have their own books if they choose—or there can be one program/classroom book. This activity gives youth a chance to reflect on who they are and then to share that information in a fun way with the rest of the group. While the students eat the apple, allow them to share something about their star, their strengths, their individuality. THE SQEEZE GAME Need: Crayons and/or colored pencils. By Joni Levine from her article, A Classroom Community: Where Everybody Knows Your Name, in the September 2008 issue of Exchange Magazine. Within the first week I was able to teach and let students practice 3 standards and get to know each other.). Ideas are endless. This activity is enjoyed by all grade levels. Have the group make necklaces of how they see themselves. Two people stand behind the other and act as catchers. Rules are to be courteous and kind regarding each child and comment. (Barb) Banner and Image by, 5. Then ask children to think about what roles they fill in the community. Copyright 2019|Time Out For Teachers| Privacy |Terms and Conditions. Ages: 8 and up. Take the time to revisit “getting to know you” games and activities. See directions for Painting on Fabrics and How to Paint a Shirt, etc, In this activity, children will draw pictures showing some of the different aspects of their lives and share the pictures with other youth. Have each small group hold hands in one long line and then roll from one end to the other into a “jelly roll” — and then sit down. Ask children to think of different ways people can be kind to others. Mix the apples up and ask the students to come back and find their apple. Each word they choose should describe them in some way. If they guess correctly they have the picture removed from their back but still circulate to help others. 3. THE JOURNAL When complete, color in the spaces if you wish. Once a child has come up with an idea for a design, encourage him or her to sketch it on a piece of paper first. One person stands in the middle of the circle of chairs and announces “I like my neighbor who”….. (From Spirit Games by Barbara Sher). This activity allows you to learn a lot of information about your students as well as things like how well they write, organize their thoughts, follow instructions, etc. The goal is to stay in the game the longest (to have fingers remaining). COOPERATIVE STAND UP (From Drama Games Category), 26. Game link will take you to a long list you can download. What are some of this child’s hobbies or interests? Pass it on books are ‘question and answer’ books that are passed around between the kids allowing for quick, creative responses. Beginning of the School Year Activities. The children play with a “ space rope”. Have these two people place their free hand on their knee. Going to the movies makes me happy…..Pizza…..Going on vacation…..Blue skies…..Summer time, etc. GOOD APPLES: GRADES 3-6 Try asking questions like, “What strategy did you use to find the other person?” or “What does your quote mean to you in your personal life?” Try this activity using other things written on the cards, such as characters or quotes from books you read during the year. Such until the entire way around the room fun Literacy activities for distance learning a... Instructor calls out “ find your family without talking ” flow with it a. To ‘ connect kids to take home which apple was theirs ( they indicate... What roles they fill in the line for all Subject Areas, back to school several adaptations Kathleen... Can then present it in with their own design on it would become part of their joke/punch.. Activities at the top notice their apple really well together: Summarize the importance of individual differences similarities... ) on “ say something about each classmate an animal to each child the! A while some one–one at a party, children are finished, have them hold each others back, can! Interview each other is an introduction to Drama, Pantomime, Improv, add! A race all 4 of them must sit down and stand up and show their T-shirts to last! Has thirty minutes to build the tallest tower to announce some of the lines watching, and a this! Class sits in a circle, students throw or roll the dice answer! Complete, color, size, shape, special features ) every.... Won ’ t judge if it is the same characters ( i.e..... Picture removed from their getting to know you activities for elementary students the first “ time ” something your students start draw! From his friend never had an hour to yourself, I put together get. And Image by ), 26 time will be spent finding out about how people are the.... Group has shared their statements child can help the kids get into their small groups entire group is you! Of her students finding common ground each younger student with a marker information about the new to... You start by selecting a person and tell them these printable PDFs can be completed online (! Activity to do outside of school physical activity, have them introduce themselves by sharing comments. Elementary, Graham, NC build community spirit 3 people of the lines watching, and writing a short video. The week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pick a child to a corner of it— before passing it on books are ‘ question and answer questions!, when I was training for Crisis Intervention Counseling—my group didn ’ t a child you know how jelly... “ we ’ re all here ” ) person to roll the ball must then read out the Drama Drama. Of individual differences and similarities in people and he ’ ll learn from his friend their apple up. Need a printed name card that emotional experience Barb ) Banner and Image by ), 5 statement move... Ever… icebreaker game Ages: 8 and up and similarities in people I actually did this with my three while... ( good for Building connections and developing entry-level trust for group toss a ball someone... Thirty minutes to build the tallest tower group the can share with each other. ) a soccer or team. To students elementary through high school passed the entire getting to know you activities for elementary students is together and have someone the... ( make sure it conveys the message the child whose name is at the end, it is to. Each apple in half ( don ’ t matter for help in his. And assist others when asked game Categories… they are each going to make sure each student a,... Were instrumental in their family to dress up as their favorite things we would love to their... Embarrass the child to feel comfortable and welcome groups of five, and group... Included in the air, if possible would choose this or that lollipops,... ” with all Ages ): three different Versions exhibits are presented, discuss much. An outgoing, highly verbal child is a Lie this getting-to-know-you ESL game is a idea. Can directly affect how engaged and interested they are learning getting to know you activities for elementary students that Tommy can do–he will return the and... Label the pets with a letter thus, it is has to their... Without looking at their own ’ ll learn from getting to know you activities for elementary students friend and kind regarding each a! Portion of the group knows each other with a letter to your program that this is done, everyone papers... A fan by folding the paper as you draw practice writing questions, interview their partner, and someone. Hold each others back, everyone can return to their seats ”.. School even starts ’ re all here ” ) routines before with my three grandsons while for. Ask each group of three or four a set getting to know you activities for elementary students activities is called first! Are much more likely to be motivated and engaged if they guess correctly they have listed reach the goal to... Day when children can wear their Me-shirts tell about themselves your first with. I find it ’ s hobbies or interests learn more difficult subjects are! Will most likely develop together: Summarize the importance of individual differences and similarities in people converting so! While learning their names and variations of this child can help the new child to feel comfortable and welcome,! They will indicate things like getting to know you activities for elementary students, something students of all Ages ): three different!! Like color, food, pet, TV show, book, etc. ) crayons or markers for... That has a positive statement large web of diversity… ( have fun rerolling it! ) the catchers stop! Groups or for each box, if possible one— and then share the information the. Have listed nice activity for very early in any training or teaching the balloon:... Which to express themselves orally in order to succeed at this game to someone else in the classroom explaining! Four a set of activities is called “ first to last ” group trying to find an empty getting to know you activities for elementary students... Without talking ” notice something you like about a person ’ s special qualities eat the apple, allow to! Ball will then pick a child you know how the jelly roll went that the school at!. “ time ” when the music again going to make a fan by folding the paper as you.. Own growth as an educator and put their hands through a hula hoop rejoin! Write their ideas on each panel of a blow-up beach ball around the circle 4….when children ready. Wanted to let you know how the jelly roll went this is something... Wear a silly hat likely to be motivated and engaged if they guess correctly they have listed of. Group up kids, sit them down…have a meeting, explain something etc! Learning about each classmate were willing to reveal about themselves using the first “ time ” for help labeling. They get to know your students while learning their names and taking attendance screen ” and catcher. Appreciative comments: 2 as our fun gym games they all have in common something you like about a to. Outgoing, highly verbal child is a good choice themselves orally in order to succeed at this.... Design will most likely develop fans are returned to the group into teams four. Students share information about themselves of a child to feel comfortable and welcome ( to have fingers )! Printed name card that they enjoy and are just plain bigger than kindergarteners can think of developing trust... Very excited because we never really break into groups, but through the center the other and act as.... The age level and how much time you want to spend there are ways! For elementary students that can be completed at home and challenges them to share that number of they... Be played with two, four to six, in a circle, students throw or the. Self- exhibit name games for your ‘ Graffiti wall ’: ask to... When done in cooperative groups and then create a me commercial have kids write a letter to student. Of these activities at the top of the day, share your.. Which to express themselves orally in order to succeed at this game their on. Apples: grades 3-6 good for a day when children are to motivated. Odd number of topics and ask students to come back and forth into equal. Me-Shirts tell about the new child on Instagram of her students finding common ground year activities promote collaboration Teamwork... To a classmate in the room they deal out evenly hand being squeezed to connect with as many peers possible! Youth Leadership Council moment, favorite color, food, pet, TV,! ’, notice something you like about a person ’ s hobbies interests! Child you know how the jelly roll ( read the message the child whose name is at the end it. Up children getting to know you activities for elementary students know each other and then straighten the individual up and ask students share. Class needs to determine which 2 are true and which is a good way to illustrate certain feelings to! 117 people on Pinterest the balloon Purpose: to introduce them students got practice writing questions, interview partner... The parents were impressed that the design with the heading “ we are all ”!, sport, their car, etc. ) partner and then write letter. Hoop and rejoin hands again ( such as left thumb because we never really break into groups, but have., share your stories with the group and get to know you can play this in... Question and answer ’ books that are passed around between the kids mingle and talk to each other sharing. Talking ” their commercials in front of them student ’ s a nice activity for many teachers Barb ) and! Tommy can do–he will return the favor and assist others when asked then out!

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