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For example, the European Network of Ecomuseums (‘The Long Network’) adopted the following definition at their meeting at Trento, Italy in May 2004: ‘An ecomuseum is a dynamic way in which communities preserve, interpret, and manage their heritage for sustainable development. Sustainable development is a central issue for ecomuseums and it implies also to increase the value of a place instead of diminishing it. © 2020 NEMO - The Network of European Museum Organisations, Working Group Advocacy and Public Affairs, Working Group Museums and Creative Industries. Definition from the European Network of Ecomuseums Edit. According to the European Network of Ecomuseums, they are “a dynamic way in which communities preserve, interpret, and manage their heritage for sustainable development.”2 Les écomusées sont des fragments uniques de l’histoire et de la culture que l’on ne trouve pas seulement au Canada, mais partout dans le monde. An Ecomuseum is based on a community agreement. where a group of European institutions created the “European Network of Ecomuseums.” This network defines the ecomuseum as “a dynamic way in which communities preserve, interpret, and manage their heritage for a sustainable development. To have a common forum for mutual interests, knowledge, information and sustainable development of ecomuseums in Europe; to produce interactions, stimulate creativity, to provide practical opportunities, inspiration and new ideas; to encourage and enhance one another. In: 16th ICOMOS General Assembly and International Symposium: ‘Finding the spirit of place – between the tangible and the intangible’, 29 sept – 4 oct 2008, Quebec, Canada. Ecomuseums. KB-Royal Danish Library, National Museum of Denmark, SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst / National Gallery, Taubenstraße 1 • 101 17 Berlin, Germany +49 30 397 156 61 • Definition from the European Network of Ecomuseums An Ecomuseum is a dynamic way in which communities preserve, interpret, and manage their heritage … Title: Diapositiva 1 Currently, I am working on a research thesis investigating the topic of ecomuseums. Stay up to date with all the latest museum news. See Coveney Peter and Roger Highfield,1995, Santo, R. D., Baldi, N., Duca, A. D. and Rossi, A. The European Commission has approved NEMO as a climate pact ambassador for culture. as a tool to create a more inclusive European labour market.. Until the new report is published in January, please read our first report. An Ecomuseum is based on a community agreement. Marie-Odile de Bary, André Desvalles, Françoise Wasserman (editors), 1994. ian ecomuseums European perspec-tives EU projects: how to submit a pro-posal (timing, costs, procedure, tips) A summary of the workshop results Coffee-break Coffee-break Coffee-break Other countries and ecomuseums over-view and perspec-tives 12.00: leaving for Chiese Ecomu-seum Future agenda Lunch (13.00) Lunch (13.30, at Cimego) Lunch (13.00) In Lombardy (one of the four motors of Europe) this model is developing a regional network that promotes collective research projects and participatory planning with local communities. On the contrary their role, to be effective, must involve people, going beyond the narrow circle of “authorized personnel”. Dynamic way means to go beyond the formal aspect of an ecomuseum, beyond a simple set course, designed on paper; it is about designing real actions, able to change our society and improve our landscape. At European level, there is the European Network of Ecomuseums. The idea of an ecomuseum was introduced by the French museologist Hugues de Varine in 1971. The network comprises all EU countries, Norway, Iceland and the European Commission.It aims to: compare PES performance through benchmarking The European Network of Public Employment Services is formalised by a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council. doi:10.1111/muse.12153, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Claims and reality of new museology : case studies in Canada, the United States and Mexico, 2016 Milan cooperation Charter “Ecomuseums and cultural landscape”, What does "ecomuseum" mean for the contemporary museology (PDF), Ecomuseums: A study of how agents gain socio-cultural capital through participation within Flodden 1513 Ecomuseum, World platform for ecomuseums and community museums, (Ecomuseum Studies & Discussions),, Articles needing additional references from October 2007, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. An Ecomuseum is based on a community agreement. During the Forum "it was proposed to establish an International Platform for exchanges and experience sharing", and "decided to create a permanent international Working Group to keep watch and make proposals on the theme territory-heritage-landscape." Stay up-to-date with museum news, events and activities. Deadline: March 30, 2016 [1] The term "éco" is a shortened form for "écologie", but it refers especially to a new idea of holistic interpretation of cultural heritage, in opposition to the focus on specific items and objects, performed by traditional museums. The application forms for the 2021 European Museum Academy Awards and the 2021 Children in Museums Award are open. For an up-to-date directory of websites on this subject, see Clémence Perrier-Latour, 2005. NEMO is monitoring the situation closely and at the moment we are analysing how museums are dealing with the issues that have emerged during the pandemic. The EU Commission publishes report on disaster risks in the EU.

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