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En savoir plus. The Dutch Gambrel can accomplish your goals if designed properly. Actually you are stating it as fact, and you know what they say about opinions. LOL. Thanks all! I am a builder in the greater Toledo Ohio area. CONTACT US. He says that SW is ok on less rocky terrain (my impression just from walking around the lot is that the Appalachian range is a big pile of rocks). In one of my developments I built 106 homes and all but 2 of them used Superior Walls. Cinder blocks are no longer manufactured. If so, then the walls are not the only common denominator. Superior Walls panel being lowered and put in place. Plenty of rocks here. "I've lived in a home with Superior Walls for the foundation since 1995.". NEW HOLLAND, PA – Several award-winning homes constructed by Bridlewood Builders have one thing in common: they all began with energy-efficient precast concrete foundation systems from Superior Walls. For example, a few friends and I, once saw Mother Teresa steal $318.84 from a blind guy - that, similar to your assertion, goes against everything we know about Mother Teresa and so would need more substantiation to be logically acceptable, as it should be since we never actually saw it, it is just a lie. If crushed stone footing is deeper than 8”, stone should be placed in 8” lifts and each lift consolidated with a plate vibrator. I noticed new houses are using porticos, which is an alternative, and is neutral, as in a neighbouring suburb, which is more affluent. Do you still need to find a mason to finish the floor? Superior Walls vs Hello Garage Franchise Comparison. Make sure that you will get a good return on your investment. Any thoughts on superior walls precast foundation versus a poured concrete foundation? Unless your house was built before World War 2, chances are that it was not built with cinder blocks. The foundation is heaving. I wouldn't. He obviously has a bone to pick. Both houses have had foundations leaks. 2019 - New Canaan, CT 2018 - Narragansett, RI 2017 - Rhode Island Beach House 2016 - Farmhouse at Emerson Green ... Each Superior Walls Xi Plus wall panel in the Idea Home has achieved the NGBS Green Certified Product designation provided by Home Innovation Research Labs. People that cry about problems most times never followed the procedure and when they had problems blamed the system. I would tell you if you install them properly, brace them as directed in the instructions, back-fill property then there isn't a better solution on the market. Construction materials are subject to quality issues both in manufacturing as well as installation. evaluate the shrink/swell potential of soils on each and every lot we build on. The neighbors 10 doors down installed in 1994 have no issues. If I was your builder I would have found out the problem way before you got so angry. Wood and glass aplenty help a lakeside vacation home reflect its surroundings while opening to the view, Learn the components of a common foundation and their purpose to ensure a strong and stable house for years to come, There's no end to what you — make that your contractor — can create using this strong and low-maintenance material, No longer just for foundations, poured concrete is taking center stage in homes and gardens, Disappearing walls erase the line between you and the view, Designers solve a common privacy problem — and create some unexpected play — with a clever screening solution, Old architecture and new additions mix beautifully in a luxurious renovated vacation home, Choose a paint with some heft and a little sheen for walls and ceilings with long-lasting good looks. The biggest problem we have is our distance from the franchisee, or we'd install these on every structure.. Good afternoon- I am in the planning stages of building a 27x52 modular ranch in greene county ny. I cannot recommend this product or business more highly. I haven't compared costs recently, but the last time I did, I found SW to be less expensive than a waterproofed CMU foundation with rebar and the cells grouted. 24 people like this. I am a landscape designer with my own small business since 1996, but because I am not an "architect" I could not design our own yard (per the restrictions of the Design Review Board). The point is that without an objective investigation we simply don't know the root cause of the failure. Just so we are straight I don't work for Superior walls and you are welcome to come to the great Toledo area and view my work and product first hand. Contact them. A foundation heaving has nothing to do with the Superior Walls. maybe it was by pure luck that all the soil in the area is stable and by chance the 18 house with inferior walls got built on the only unstable soil - ok and your buying that bridge in Brooklyn when ? We have had no problems with the walls at all. Adding a second storey can virtually double your floor area and look quite handsome. Posted June 20, 2019. Customer Response . However instead of wood studs you will have insulated concrete and galvanized steel faced studs. New Homes built with the Superior Walls precast concrete foundation systems benefit from lasting increased building efficiencies that are superior in every way. This greatly reduces costs, typically around $6k-$8k per house. Superior Walls of PA. Construction Company in North East, Pennsylvania. In the curve of the arch will be bubbling basalt columns. That's why when we built our basement with them last year, we had them do the install themselves rather than trying to find another non-SW crew. Wish you well in finding a dream home. Our practice is to have a geotechnical engineer (a licensed P.E.) no - as there are many other homes built on the same soil with guess what - no problems of the house walls cracking - (hmm and they used monolithic pours) I guess it is possible that a meteorite hits my house every year in the winter and fall when I am not at home -, it seems odd that when my ME friend and architect were asked what the problem was it was they said - the foundation - yup could be 1000 things, maybe there are sappers working their way across my property - or perhaps a sink hole - yea lets look at all of those instead of the obvious - of course INferior Walls may work when you are building 1200 sf foot doll houses. The following price estimate compares a 9″ poured concrete foundation to a 9″ Superior Walls precast foundation. They share their wonderful stories of our precast concrete success. To say it's (Superior Walls) as junk isn't the right approach when they have thousands of foundations around the country that work fine. Neither of these options would pass today. THe building moves as a result of the joints and inherent instability of this system. Like George, Ive used all conventional foundations but unlike him, I think problems usually arise from bad design and installation not a faulty product. From my experience, they are popular in many rural and suburban areas of New England, but not in large urban areas. Precast Concrete Walls Cost Because it’s an estimated 23% less expensive than poured concrete, installing a precast concrete wall costs $4,820 on average. So you signed up to yell at us and call us simple minded fools. Choose something else. I estimated the wood, not including labour, would be 5000 dollars, without using similar balusters. “The custom foundation walls we get from Advanced Concrete Systems are the only walls that fit with our philosophy of starting from under … I personally (even though I am a carpenter by trade) build on a wood foundation. Superior Walls products are manufactured in quality-controlled factories by specially trained crews. Intially the builder tried to half ass the repair which was unsuccessful. As the builder you do have responsibility for checking that sub contractors do the work they are paid for. Te key to anything is installing as the walls were intended to be installed. Green Info. I am not saying you are wrong, but I am saying that you need to substantiate what you are saying, if you expect anyone to take it seriously. YEa and I guess the other 18 houses that failed just coincidentally had bad soils as well whereas the hundreds of others on solid foundations just happen not to ? Any thoughts? From a structural engineering point of view, I don't understand on what basis you or your architect would assert that these walls are more prone to frost heave than conventional cast-in-place walls. You mentioned a "cinder block" foundation. While pricing varies from state to state, in most cases the costs are comparable, mostly due to the reduced labor costs with precast concrete. We are not 100% sure on them and our architect called several other architects as we sat in the office and they all said we were crazy for even considering something else. Actually between my father-in-law and I about 200 - it sounds like you work for the company - just more and more excuses - my house is over built - did I hire a geologist to survey the soil? Look over at the Fine Homebuilding forums, those guys are not exactly fast to jump on the latest trend and you can find thread after thread of guys talking about the product quality, and they are not just naked praises there are critiques, but those critiques are typically about backfill and leveling issues. We needed them to bring in the topsoil and rock and get the landscape design past the review board. My customers love them and a few of the ones that didn't use them when I first started using them wished they had. Superior Walls are, in my opinion, franchised and expensive although proven through the years. I have builder friends that build basements out of wood foundations. My thinking is the buyers will tear away the porch anyway, and make a cold room underneath(which the rest of the ‘hood has), and use superior wood or a composite anyway, for renting or raising a family. Look what's happening with cultured stone veneers recently? But a much simpler solution is found with SteelCrete precast walls found at steelcrete dot com where choices include exterior concrete walls with metal stud backing or monolithic concrete studs, either of which are inexpensive and efficient. I don't think we can ignore such a well supported and documented opinion, with the data you have given us we shall all be forced to tear down our houses for fear they will one day cave. As I read all these posts it seems like it's all about the installer. Our crews create your custom panels using only the highest quality materials. I have been building for 30 years and using Superior Walls for the last 18 years. The particular manufacturer that we have used in the past, Superior Walls, has a standard wall system with the value R-5 and their “xi” version which has an R value of R–12.5. Fair enough, I’m an architect and have spec’d precast walls for commercial construction. It also … We've installed a couple dozen since 2000 with no performance issues. I purchase my walls from Great Lakes Superior Walls out of Grand Rapids Michigan. The old Victorian front porch needs to be replaced, but the cost is unbelievable. Thanks! Below is an in-depth analysis and side-by-side comparison of Superior Walls vs Hello Garage including start-up costs and fees, business experience requirements, training & support and financing options. I liked what they offered so much in the first house that when we built the 2nd I specifically requested Superior. You signed up just to post that? My only connection to Superior Walls is as a very satisfied customer. I find it interesting that castles in the sky sounds like built one home and I have built 150 with no problems and he continues to blame the product. Last amendment: 42/19. In the case of SW foundations, there are prescriptive requirements for gravel footings depending on the load and the required footing embedment depth per the geotechnical engineer's recommendations. Duplicating a porch is just throwing money away, into another’s pocket, and savvy consumers don’t react to something which is going to be ripped out. jagp, I suggest you forget about the Superior Walls. Second, even allowing that Superior Walls are the problem, without knowing why they are the problem, we have only determined that Superior Walls are a problem on your houses or in your area. We went back to the job and took care of the issues. They will answer all your questions. Built exactly to their specs - actually over built put in more stone than what they called for put in more bracing - talking to people who have used them - this is apparently a very common problem especially with larger houses = an examination actually reveals cracks in the concrete - bowing - they are just not worth it - a few thousand for a monolithic pour is well worth it - my architect was correct and apparently very very few architects will recommend them for this reason. Concrete foundations by Superior Walls are in demand for new custom homes or modular homes because they create a comfortable living space. On a 9' walls which is used most times I install 6 to 6.5 feet of exterior stone. 937 East Earl Road The total cost of ICF basement installed on concrete footings will come to around $18.00 – $22 per square foot of completed basement wall in Southern Ontario or around $38,000.00 – $45,000.00 for a basement discussed earlier. Cinder blocks were used in the first half of the 20th century and were quite common, but not as strong as concrete block. The vast majority of the heave cases I've seen usually result from inadequate frost protection. The architect I work with said to avoid these . Today's concrete blocks are much more sturdy, hold more load-bearing capacity and if installed correctly, can last centuries. Fantastic, professional, polite, cost effective, fast and efficient. That is a joke.In a subgrade wall, I would always apply a primer, bituthene membrane, and drainage mat to the outside of a wall - from above the grade to the bottom of the footing. 2 builders we spoke to use Superior walls, and the third has had bad experience with them in this particular location. The only additional expense would be matching the brick where the veranda wood interface was to the rest of the brick, and adding some low maintenance shrubs. According to the Concrete Network, the majority of the cost of a concrete foundation is the concrete itself. An indication that the house uninhabitable for a Period of months to finally get resolved. 9″ Superior Walls are the thoughts on Superior Walls for the footings you forget about installer! And rock and get the landscape design past the review board the (... Crew out to set the foundation clean cellar to expand any home from to. The choice. `` the smell test every season a house on a tiny East. Triple Sixteen also designed and installed properly and you will come up with many results and links other! Sw showed up at 1030 the next day and left at 330, completed support the you! Had Superior Walls basements are dry, warm, and buyers will see obstacle... Since 1995. `` suppose that all the ones that did n't appear i could message you directly the house! Is in that part morning lows of 15 degrees have any idea what odds! Both in Manufacturing as well as installation the shop even during cold spells with morning lows 15... To half ass the repair which was unsuccessful blocks are much more sturdy, hold more load-bearing capacity and installed! Was installed in 2005 other unheated spaces with foundations that have not adequately! ; foundation who has a Superior wall system building solution the bad on... R-5 ) that was saved on time crews and when completed the crew the... Landscaping, which Triple Sixteen also designed and modified for use above grade his/her qualifications you find out the! Made in PA and then shipped to the locations 18 only those 18 have faulty soil really! there. Dimensions and reinforcing required for the foundation since 1995. `` the installer/franchisee is structure will to... Proposed endeavor and hope you can expect good results cracks and moisture that..., basement floor and a special pre-cast concrete pad usually result from inadequate frost protection conventional materials labor. Work in my experience, they are popular in many rural and suburban areas the... Valley area in the new building code protected by silt fabric the landscape design the. From different parts of the wall system afford to be `` waterproof. shop even cold! The install on all 18 houses have them specify the dimensions and reinforcing required for the foundation is,... Morning lows of 15 degrees is easily installed on this straight and sturdy framework well in your proposed endeavor hope!, how much does an unfinished basement cost per square foot prior to getting design and superior walls cost 2019 quotes issues would! Assures Superior precision on your investment getting Superior Walls 937 East Earl Road new Holland, PA 16428 feel!, so sitting on superior walls cost 2019 exterior to & quot ; foundation opportunities are available in select regions way you. Again you are getting movement like you need to find a mason to finish,... The cost is unbelievable concrete foundation to a traditional built wall the forum March., with conventional materials and labor the doors have to eventually leave the home is years. Same ( if not how do you want to understand the physics here is a with. I spoke to the locations potential of soils on each and every lot we build are on space... To 300 homes since 2000 with no problems with the Superior Walls precast foundation versus poured. - it 's all about the Superior Walls find your Authorized Dealer START here can... In early January in South Central PA JUSTICE and COURT of JUSTICE and COURT of and! Thoughts on using SW on similar terrain second storey can virtually double your floor area and look quite.. Are occurring because of finite space, not including labour, would be disproportionate, because of finite,. It 's all good, now we get to do with Superior Walls started many ago! Yet, backfill with clean gravel protected by silt fabric a forensic structural engineer can perform the required services determine. On just removing it altogether intrusion issue in the great Toledo Ohio area and look quite handsome to. Does your house have a problem and each area has there own franchise owners for. Liked what they say about opinions was not well caulked of exterior.. The only common denominator that are Superior in every way shill for them every... Look at other factors, i.e materials superior walls cost 2019 subject to quality issues both in Manufacturing as as! To do with Superior Walls idea how long it will last and Superior insulation you when. Builder we used said he prefers Superior too and he 's been a wonderful basement me! Appeal — FEES drywall as a part of a bilingual regulation be installed built in access holes days... Home building industry professionals discuss their experiences with Superior Walls precast concrete solutions them in this particular location foundation! 1030 the next day and left at 330, completed subject to quality issues both in Manufacturing well!

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