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The food is digested in the food vacuole. The canal is divided into different parts: The Mouth or Buccal Cavity Food Pipe or Oesophagus Stomach Small Intestine Large Intestine Anus There are three glands associated with the alimentary canal that secrete digestive juices that are used to convert the complex food substances into simpler substances. var new_url = wpvl_paramReplace('width', link, width); Students who are in Class 7 or preparing for any exam which is based on Class 7 Science can refer NCERT Science Book for their preparation. keyValue[2].split('/')[2] : null;} Digestion in Amoeba Sep 07,2020 - Chapter 2 - Nutrition in Animals Science Class 7 is created by the best Class 7 teachers for Class 7 preparation. Just click on the link, a new window will open containing all the NCERT Book Class 7 Science pdf files chapter-wise. 20-Nov-2020 This system is called the Digestive System. First molars– can grind food. } responsiveVoice.cancel(); Class 7- Science-Chapter-10-Disaster Management-Maharashtra Board Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 Science Chapter 2 Nutrition in Animals with Answers Pdf free download. The digested food is absorbed in the blood vessels from the small intestine. 08-Dec-2020 var setwidth = 640; { Which part of the digestive canal is involved in: Answer Cellulose the carbohydrate that can be digested by ruminantsand not by the human beings. var new_url = wpvl_paramReplace('height', new_url, height); { Saliva secretion To prepare further for Class 7 Science subject you can get Revision Notes, Important Questions at for free. jQuery(document).ready(function($){ /* ]]> */, 10- Q 9 & Q 10 :- Chapter 2 }); Tick ( √) mark the correct answer in each of the following: (i) stomach    (ii) mouth     (iii) small intestine     (iv) large intestine, (b) Water from the undigested food is absorbed mainly in the, (i) stomach    (ii) food pipe    (iii) small intestine    (iv) large intestine, Answer Dec 07, 2020 - Chapter Notes with Short Questions - Chapter 2: Nutrition in Animals, Class 7 | EduRev Notes is made by best teachers of Class 7. (i) /*

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