Oceanic Flowers

D. Berubé paintings depict scenes of his personal experiences: a fluid and furtive acrylic or oil meltdown of images, often free of external cues. His interest is not in the visual world, but in the realm of dreams and imagination, of mysticism and flights of fancy.

Berube projects himself into his chosen scenarios to describe his own personal demons. Rather than seeing his paintings in competition with images from mass media, he adopts these scenarios as his own and so each painting is firmly and often hilariously rooted in his own subjectivity. This world of images have become markers, or even altars, for navigating his own path.

Both intensely romantic and bitingly satirical, his approach is fun and deliberately casual, often imbued with an atmosphere of weightlessness and ease. He works fast and can produce several canvases in one day. With a nonchalant attitude towards formal training, he moves freely from a demonstration of technical ability to a total rejection of it. Figures are depicted with great economy and with a few touches of detail. D. Berube is destined to navigate the path of the truth-telling painter for many years to come.

D’s thoughts about his work

” Art is not about materials but expression. This expression begins in a deep place where emotions and thoughts come together. My art is conceived long before brush touches canvas. First a feeling, then a corresponding color. Color is one of the vehicles of my emotional expression.”

“Art is deeply personal to me, but I also enjoy sharing. I hope to help inspire others in their journey.”

“Emotions help direct the direction the artwork goes. Sometimes I’m overjoyed, searching longingly, or over analytical, angry, impatient, or sad to tears. All of these have shaped my work. My mind always struggles to achieve balance between pure expression or overly technical realism.”