My Journey Through Art

by D. Berubé

Welcome To Our First Art Blog Post!

I take pride in being a self-trained artist. Every piece I create is an opportunity to learn something new. I learned different techniques from going to museums or art galleries and seeing how they did it. This method has been a double-edged sword, however. Learning how to draw faces, or mix colors properly is important, and I think some of the good painting I have done could have been better. That said a formal class is not always necessary, a good amount can be found online. As technical as some art schools can be, they can teach you how to create an image, but they cannot teach soul. The soul is something that everyone has, but some are afraid to harvest.
Sowing the seeds of the soul comes from feeling your emotions and letting them drive you. A great method of doing this in art is to paint your feelings. This is best done with little to no planning. My recommended tool for this process is a pallet knife, not a brush, and oil paint. Don’t think of a realistic image but just feel. Another great medium for expression is charcoal. It can scribble, smear, and smudge. I began with charcoal, it led to oil paint. Acrylics are how most people begin to learn paint. I have done some acrylics, but they dry fast, and usually must be blended prior to application. Oil paint flows and blend and glides its colors can be remarkably bold or soft, and blending a new color into the image, just flows better. If you read this, I invite you to come back and watch videos, I will be demonstrating some of this with videos I will post in the future.

Below are some of my most recent paintings I’d like to share with you.



2 thoughts on “My Journey Through Art

  1. Maggie T Reply

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work and really love the website featuring stories of your experiences with your creativity.
    I love fine art! And I am very happy that there will be online classes so I can improve my love for art in becoming a better artist.
    I’m so excited!

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