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Unlock Your Creative Potential 

Do you need to have special talents to be creative?

Do you desire to be more creative?

Do you feel that you’re missing something, somehow?

Do you sense that deep down, there is a creative you?

Do you own a vast assortment of fun tools that you never get around to using?

During the 20 years of my art career, countless people took me aside & shared that they wish they could be more creative, and how lucky I was. The reason they gave for not pursuing creative skill in their own lives was the never-ending commitments like work, and family. Some even told me that they secretly envied those who were making art.

I am of the belief that anyone can be creative, which is the process of original ideas that have value, either to others and more importantly to yourself. I also have seen during the many years I spent teaching young children and teens that making art is a learnable skill, it takes practice and commitment and making time during your busy week, just as valuable, worthwhile and essential to you as exercising and keeping a nutritious diet.

Any artistic venture, be it writing, or drawing, calligraphy, or sculpting, are skills that can most assuredly be learned and improved upon. These are skills that you can work on with time, training, and effort.

Being creative opens up pathways in the brain that cause better problem-solving skills in other areas of your life. I witnessed it with my students. Parents marveled that their child was doing better in other subjects since beginning art classes, stating that he/she “was thinking more clearly and solving problems better”.

Creativity is also a profound way to connect to your authentic self, the self you were as a child that grew to be an adult, giving up the things you liked to do, activities that gave you joy. Read more about that HERE.

There are many areas you can focus on to improve your overall creativity. Allow yourself to engage in creative exercises like reading, writing, doodling, and listening to music to sharpen your creativity. Learn as much as possible and open yourself up to new ideas and experiences. Make lifestyle changes like journaling, walking more, exercising regularly, and getting more sleep to give your brain the boost it needs to increase your creative skills.

Student work painting "emotion"
Teenage student’s painting for an assignment expressing emotion

MANY WAYS TO BE CREATIVE Creativity isn’t the same thing as art. It isn’t only a painting or poem or piece of jewelry. It isn’t only a movie, a musical, or a poem. It isn’t only a sculpture or a song. It lives in the mindful creation of an eclectic menu for your husband’s 50th, or the presentation of food, maybe have different themes or cultures for every evening. It can show up in the amazing stories you spin for your kids’ bedtime. You can use your creativity with sending birthday cards, thank-you notes and postcards. You can get creative with your penmanship. You especially need creativity to sew your own clothes.


Creativity lives in the everyday. In the unglamorous, messy routine, in the I-don’t-feel-at-all-creative every day. Because you can use your creativity with anything. Creativity is the natural order of lifeBeing creative brings us satisfaction in the moment, but it goes so much deeper than that. It gives us a voice to express ourselves in more meaningful ways. It shines the light on our truest selves, as we explore the layers of our lives and dreams. It helps us ask the right questions — and uncover the answers. It reconnects us to the source of all the wisdom we will ever need: our inner self.        

Why should you use your creative power?

Because there is nothing that makes people more joyful, generous, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money”
Brenda Ueland

Take a chance, try something new, and be pleasantly surprised how much joy a creative project can bring.

To your creativity,

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