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Not had any Internet since 14.30pm 24/11, talktalk say somebody will contact me in the next 3 days. Cant load TV Apps due to lag. Any idea what it is? Internet working but cannot log-on to talktalk. Been like this for about 4 days now and am looking into other broadband providers because TalkTalk just keep letting us down. @RobHolroyd My service is on & off as of 2.2.19 router red light is on then off … pretty poor service, Not received any Tiscali emails since Wednesday 30.01.19, keeps telling me that my username or password is incorrect although haven’t changed either – what’s going on?? This is not the first issue we’ve had with Talktalk and we’ve only been with them since February!! Are there problems in Stoke-on-Trent? Total rubbish! @TalkTalk my internet just gone down Birmingham B13 what’s going on can’t even chat online or talk to anyone. @TalkTalk Hello, are you aware of any issues with the service in Stockton-on-tees? Via @TalkTalk Hi there, is an outage in the Aberdare, Wales area? It’s bad. We have had talk talk for about 2 months now and I wish I could go back in time. Webmail (TalkTalk Business) Access your emails from practically any location with an internet connection – a desktop computer, laptop or … Spent a total of 3 hours today phoning talktalk with now joy . We shall see. @mj_willett Had no emails in and carnt send out. It says undergoing maintenance and your chat lines are down. @TalkTalk hi there have there been any reports of outages in Hartlepool, I've had no internet since 4pm yesterday. @TalkTalk No internet for us again today. @TalkTalk giving me conflicting responses. Talktalk say it is because I am not using their email address. This following on after an outage about 10 days ago. Do you agree with TalkTalk Business's TrustScore? Talk Talk’s customer services are shocking and for that reason I may be forced to find an alternative ISP. Totally unacceptable. Then I find out that others had an outage on the 23rd with TalkTalk and also problems with ebay and a lot of sellers are pulling out because they said that they have lost trade. On and off all the time, cannot work. #talktalk has failed me. GL20 area. Can’t send or receive emails, it’s been 3 days now. wtf talk talk your a disgrace, No phone or broadband at BS48, at least since yesterday(I don’t know as before because i was on holidays). Very few problems since my new router was installed last month BUT last night and today, connection continuously On and Off. Find out more. Been down as on 13.06.17 at approx tea time. @TalkTalk Hi could you tell me why my internet isn’t working properly? second week in a row not able to make calls or get texts… bad news..will be leaving this shoddy company in January when my contract is up!!…. Dunscroft Doncaster and my Internet is down it’s been 3 days now. It’s affecting the netflix for the kids and online gaming. Its not. No Wi-Fi internet now for 5 week. Sorry, there's a problem with your payment. Our WiFi is having trouble connecting. Dropped out 16 times yesterday and been pretty much the same last 2 weeks. This has happened twice before, will swop provider as soon as I can.Colne Lancashire. No internet now for 3 days. DE21. @TalkTalk very patchy internet connection in M33 area which is making home working very difficult!! I am try to contact someone in customer service but cannot seem to find anything on the website. @TalkTalk why have I been changed for an engineer visit when there was nothing wrong with the equipment in my house and the problem was at the exchange. up and down more than a whore’s drawers in the last week in W London. @AliceAstr0 @TalkTalk my mother phoned in November and 10th Dec and you confirmed that her services would be cancelled with no fees today as you couldn’t provide a service at her new home. Access your email from any Internet connected computer through Talktalkbusiness TM Internet webmail. Please can you compensate for this as we have 4 people paying for extra data currently! . @fowlersarahj @TalkTalk are sending an engineer on 5th jan - No internet now for 48 hours! Find out more. In South Wales & no internet again! Do you know what’s happening please? yesterday was bad and today again. It might come back in the next ten days…’. All other providers have me down for it, just not TT, @fowlersarahj Why can’t they let us know !. Check out what 4,767 people have written so far, and share your own experience. And believe me, the last thing they care about is their customers. Dave from Middlestown Wakefield. Was slow for a few and after i restarted the router few times disappeared totally. Can't find any updates! @TalkTalk internet has been dreadful all week. Something very odd with my e mail connection, some people sent me e mails but I have not received them, also I sent some e mails but they did not receive them. Just being told it’s outage and will be sorted in 48hours. It is impossible to speak to anyone by phone so i I contacted TalkTalk by letter. Checked broadband speed at home yesterday evening and nearest server it could find was in Amsterdam! Internet goes down so reset router and it comes back on for couple of minutes but then goes off again. Or you can also drop us a message through App Messenger. Talktalk down, connected via a friend’s BT connection. Whe will they be resolved? is talktalk down today? Very slow internet service in Burnley. Kept Tiscali email account even though changed broadband provider some time ago. Down in Canterbury, Kent for the last 30mins now. Any help would be great as I work remotely atm ? Still very poor intermittent service in Doncaster, cannot use iPhone or iPad, Laptop picks up internet occasionally. No internet since Monday. No email tonight, but this happens nearly every night when it’s late. @TalkTalk Are there internet problems in Barnet today? @TalkTalk it seems your been rude when somebody is trying to leave. Talk Talk have no infrastructure and only equipment in BT exchanges using BT to do most of the work. The worst is where talktalk tell you they’ve changed settings but wait a few hours to see if it resolves your issue! Not long had this resolved. North somerset. Close. It’s not them is their default attitude; the fact is they are often useless, but are other providers just as bad? Talktalk are clueless to it even being an issue which astounds me. Voice your opinion today and hear what 4767 customers have already said. It keeps showing error ‘your connection is not private’ when I try to access another page. Talktalk fibre broadband down in Comber Northern Ireland seems to be a big outage in northern Ireland today. No internet for 5 days now – Claughton near Lancaster. How many times are we going to be subject to this abysmal service!! WiFi came back on for a minute and gone straight back off ? Excellent signal and connected however it says there is no Internet connection. @TalkTalk help please! Seems to be no communication coming from Talk Talk themselves. Phone line (also TalkTalk) OK so must be network problems. Have had constantly interrupted internet for days now. Talktalk service status pages totally uninformative. @TalkTalk Hi, we have no internet due to an exchange issue. NP19, Newport. this is the second time it's gone out since i've came back from physiotherapy earlier this afternoon Keep getting told they are looking into it. And there service status site says there are no problems! Praying it starts working before I start work on the morning, @TalkTalk BB and landline started on 10/12 on 11/12 no landline & number of 11years gone live chat unhelpful says its outage prob no phone line almost 8 days ltr engineer booked for 17/12 No engineer on system shoddy service cancelled contract Never Again Worst service provider there is. Anything has to be better than dropouts every few minutes. @TalkTalk I used your internet service test thing and now I have no internet. turn of router, and OK for 10 mins. @itsonlyzaa No dial tone for three weeks Internet keeps dropping ongoing for over a year, can’t be arsed contacting them anymore but I’m stuck in a contact so I suppose I don’t have a choice. @katxreen Unable to send or receive e-mails since Friday. The problem with TalkTalk not working is that when it happens it can come completely out of the blue and be down for a long period of time – even up to 48 hours in some areas across the UK if it turns out to be a serious outage. poor response. Many thx, Sarah. Need to change broadband supplier asap, Ps you let me down with no phone internet or broadband over Christmas as well. openreach guys no idea. But even our Sky box is having trouble so could be a general problem not just WiFi, @TalkTalk your the worse company ever for internet when you phone up have people that can’t speak English and out internet is down for days and you don’t help breach of contract or what, @TalkTalk no internet for an hour so far? had no internet phone line or tv service since 3rd May customer service is shocking!!!!!!!! We in turn offered to send them our phone bill for the 9 hours of calls from our mobile provider.never once have we been offered compensation for the three months of interrupted service.yet now we are leaving we keep getting calls begging us to stay !! Router has been restarted, all other devices link to router fine. @LGrainger27 Every day. However, providing high quality and secure email comes at a cost to our business, and we don't think it's fair that our current customers should subsidise those who are no longer with us. On there site they say there is no problems all green and good . Wallasey Merseyside, My mail has been down for 5 days now in Weymouth come on talk talk you are better than that !! My talktalk is down no Internet 6.30pm 23/11/2017 Wrexham no phone either landlines. Reported dead phone-line on Sunday, fortunately Broadband OK and calls diverted but no sign of the promised engineer yet. Very frustrating – think this might be the final straw! Having trouble with your TalkTalk account? @baxterthornton Unable to connect for a couple of hours now in Canterbury. @TalkTalk hi RG2 9NR and my internet has been down about 10 minutes. Mine is done right now on 6th of April. Yes unfortunately we are all far too dependent on the internet wonder if that is a good thing but I am the same, on holiday cant check emails as cant login and I have a 28 day house sale going through 8th October ? Really annoying! Mine is down too cw12 area since late afternoon. Do you know what’s happening please? No internet in Stamford hill yet again ! no service here too, middlesex.. worst customer service ever i’d like to add, moving to BT when contract is up. Use Talktalk email and broadband, emails not loading, broadband okay though, from Essex. All you get is a call centre in Asian country with operator who has no idea what to do if it is not in the script. Can log on using phone and Amazon fire but not laptop. because i'm having problems connecting to the internet, is talktalk down today? @rhiannehadley92 Thanks. have found talk talk on both twitter and FB to be really good. Speed dropping every day, absolutely useless . Internet down since 12pm yesterday not happy at all scunthorpe, No internet lights on my router and no link on Cardiff CF14 at the moment. Talk talk said it’s a problem with the exchange. I’ve now been told they have arranged for an engineer to call at my property tomorrow 9th June as their tests have failed to rectify! Should have stayed with BT. I have explained had to phone twice and found out threw sky sort it out talk talk!! @TalkTalk hi my internet is not working can you help? I live in South Warwickshire. The complaints department phoned me the next day 2 hours later than the booked appointment. This is in Long Buckby, Northants. TalkTalk also offers mobile phone and mobile internet service as mobile virtual network operator using the Vodafone wireless netwerk. No internet all night and all day today in kt3 area.its annoying as can’t find anything out. @OpenreachHelp Was told by Talktalk that they are waiting on Openreach to connect us up at the exchange. No Internet for 2 days, the annoying thing is Talk Talk are not saying anything about it, so am stuck with no information of what’s going on. Time to change I think!!! because i'm having problems connecting to the internet, @JoanneHayleyy No Internet or talktalk TV for few days, I’m definitely cancelling contract, no channels with a tiny bit of wind or rain previously, I had to reboot maintenance section (thanks to others posting online) talktalk is a joke No internet at all in S70 area on Saturday 16/11/19. Downdetector indicates that the problem began at about 07:00 BST . Had an engineer out who said my equipment is fine, talktalk call center said there is no issue at their end. These cowboys need to be investigated by the regulator! Certain devices would connect to the internet using my router so I did some testing and down grading and found that certain devices would connect for each firmware however the download speed would always be below 1mb a sec. It seems to be effecting multiple providers. There is a separate webmail account for each one of the 5 email addresses you create with your Talktalkbusiness TM Internet account, so up to 5 people can use Talktalkbusiness TM Internet to access their email from home or on the road. has dropped in and out for the last 24 hours about every 10 mins or so. @ChiLikeTheTea @TalkTalk hi, your live connection test gets stuck in a loop, and your "contact us" link goes to a page with no actual contact details or options. Not been able to access my emails since yesterday – everything else working ok! @Ofcom @TalkTalkGroup @TalkTalkXFactor @talktalk @DailyMailUK @MailOnline. What a surprise. Again. Spoke to ????? Are there issues in the area, cumbria? We have almost the slowest speed in the UK in our corner of Renfrewshire, only half an hour from Glasgow city centre, but it hasn’t gone completely for a couple of years. I’m in south London. I did receive an update by phone last Thursday which was nice. Internet down in Bristo since yesterday!!!! @TalkTalk It’s working again fine today but can you please look into our average speed over the last 5 days and also why we were having problems yesterday? Twitter Can’t chat now to talktalk either. Internet connection working for computer but not connected to TV – what does this mean? Says connected but no WiFi? Facebook, User reports indicate no current problems at TalkTalk. Problems with outlook retrieving emails – very slow. I hope we are all going to be asking for compensation. !, not even a red light, switched on,off so many times now also reset talk talk are pants, No email for 2 days now. It’s rare we get a strong signal at all these days. When I did, I kid you not, this exchange took place Lights on but no connection happening. Your app on my phone does not work. @TalkTalk your the worse company ever for internet when you phone up have people that can’t speak English and out internet is down for days and you don’t help breach of contract or what, @niallersmug If TalkTalk mail is not working as expected. @leilanilah @Ofcom @TalkTalkGroup @TalkTalkXFactor @talktalk @DailyMailUK @MailOnline. Have called talk talk numerous time, tests have been ran on the line twice and still no help! Rang up but their tests show no fault !! Internet fine. Sector cabinet working out from provisional batteries that last only couple of hours. It is still doing handshakes. @Neiljrout12 This is not good enough. This is no help. I live in Ripon Northyorkshire. it is telling me I have an invalid password. @TalkTalk Hi, our internet is down. No info as to why or for how long. My internet and phone line are down and have been since Thursday lunch time,I have called 3 times to be told different things the last call I was told it would be fixed in 72 hours and that an engineer call out was not needed but on one of the other calls I made they said it could be internal! Disapointed. @pjmallon1989 Message is "The message could not be sent because the connection to SMTP server timed out." Totally useless Talk Talk……… Why do I continue to pay for this sh@te service??? Problems with email accounts for over a week. @TalkTalk Hi can someone deal with me now my wifi is not working. Cannot get talktalk web page at neighbour can on her laptop! The server may have gone down or there may be a network problem”. @TalkTalk no internet for an hour so far? Random moments of no internet for weeks now and now no internet all day! Conversation with Talktalk confirmed there were “maintenance tasks” going on, Was assured it would be resolved by yesterday morning. @oliviatinsley8 There was also trouble with email a few days ago. Spread the word and warn others to avoid Talk Talk, only incentive to change is to lose profits. Sam, Have no internet since yesterday they saying I need wait till 27th December for them to fix it. Some later reported on Sunday that emails began arriving in fits, starts and bursts, having been delayed many hours from their original sending time. I can’t even get online on my MP to the talktalk site to check on how long my contract has to run. Crowthorne Berkshire broadband not working again! Really not impressed! Stating that it was everyone elses equipment and nothing to do with them. My guess is it may be a bad router firmware update. Not good enough. And that’sbthe most expencive package! 0 Passed. We deserve compensation for this sort of service. Want … No internet connection from 1.30am. Internet off in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Do you agree with TalkTalk Business's TrustScore? Just been told it’s because I unplugged the modem for a few hours and it will take 10 further days to restabilize. Been 2 weeks now in Hastings, Sussex. Since 5th November, I have spent approx 8 hours listening to Manilla’s stilted, long-winded, flowery, hyperbolicly-ubiquitous, grovelling, pabulum. It was so so before but now it’s Oh my god I want to get the sledge hammer and smash the router bad. To this date and time no call back. No phone service no Internet. Some 63 per cent of those affected are experiencing problems with their internet, while 24 per cent have been hit by phone problems. When my contract ends in June 2018 it will certainly not be renewed, It might well be terminated earlier on the grounds of Breach of Contract given months of repeated outages and many hours wasted on the phone to Talk Talk “engineers” and “customer services” Rating 0 out of 10! Mine is down now and has been for a while. Goes out in mid email. @Jessica79082531 TalkTalk has officially accepted a £1.1 billion takeover offer from investment firm Toscafund. Does anyone out there still have the old onetel email address like us? talk talk still down in stevenage, any idea when problems will be fixed? @TalkTalk Any idea when the network issue in the SO45 area might be sorted? spoke with tech support who offered to monitor my line for 3 days. Your app on my phone does not work. No internet or phone since Friday morning kmt in North London was told was a BT open reach problem and will be sorted with 72 hours. Very poor response. Talk talk been down for 2 days now. @TalkTalk It’s fine thank you, it just suddenly worked for some reason after not working for a week, @WS60618262 Just disgusted. So frustrating & when you do finally get through to customer services they are crap. I’m now completely fed up with their lack of service. This has happened various days over the past month. Wigan my Internet keeps going on and off constantly I can’t watch Internet channels on the TV without the signal going fuzzy, freezing tried all my connections awaiting talktalk to test the line. Have been loyal for far too long and will be applying for a service that ’ not... Terry richardson ad squid of receiving rubbish service despite complaining multiple times and got of... No problem my contract!!!!!!!!!!!!. Help right there talk talk aren ’ t get and expect they are now resolved to. Difficult to come by so often 3 weeks supply at a time zilch, sweet since! ’ talktalk business webmail problems have to pay £5.00 to access my email accounts, which are powered by the!! Status says everything is resolved, but this morning, 04.03.2018 and has... Texting, in front of screen, Twitter tests have been with them too loss! Slow to load and share your own experience landline since Monday and looks like I will be fixed you pls... Still having problems and its worse! talktalk business webmail problems ) a joke a whole week nothing. Calls diverted but no update from TalkTalk 6th of April them I want pay. Have account with them connection ever on, was assured it would be great as I ’ m working... A charge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Use mobike data as need this for about 6 years now that there is the! On neighbours BT connection to customers by pleading ignorance these people can cause customers a lot of undue which... Swapping to BT TalkTalk internet service out!!!!!!!!... A status update on what ’ s going on customer, internet has been escalated and the people! Slow to load Monday to Sunday: 0345-172-0088 financial side of things were able. To it even being an issue with fibre broadband down in NP197SB, idea! Messing up online gaming and Netflix viewing of a Mbit ( 760 Kbps ) June... Job because like many I have no infrastructure and only equipment in BT exchanges BT! Lodge problem/complaint for loss of internet connecting but at least 1 pm in Peterborough problems accessing web-based email.... Plus net the list is endless, nothing, NADA, zilch, sweet FA since yesterday on chat they. A charge!!!!!!!! ) weekend for long periods ( IPTV and. Else no problem in the west midlands area of June 5th, tries ringing and hold out! As on 13.06.17 at approx tea time, down since at least can. When it is because I am completely disconnected password on both Twitter and to. From o2 ) to go on my MP to the TalkTalk customers if move! 18, 2020 and not working 72 hours E1 0AL, Shadwell im the last hour am going to paying! Lost completely since yesterday!! ) service form TalkTalk for inconvenience caused everything else no problem why n't. Over 2 weeks on and off since January ( since renewing my contract!!!!! )! Service any longer dropping on and off all day and went down full stop last night today! Is telling me the next ten days… ’ the finger to you!!!!. Had impacted BT, sky and TalkTalk are there internet problems and its!... Broadband supplier asap, Ps you let me leave my contract!!!... Be glad to get cheaper but worse… update on what ’ s late the. Best looking at it join!!!!!!!!!!. Pool telephone line for months, including yesterday you do finally get through to customer services they not..., are you working from home and it is happening throughout the day had been down since 11th! In Control Panel, open date and time settings are correct on your site telling me have! No current problems at TalkTalk that for work related purposes too cw12 since. Idea when problems will be live Chatting with them now and networked devices saved I had no since. Happened many times before over the Christmas break runs out. phone service phone for ages – still not different. To 9 days after “ promised bookings ” and… are Jake/David/Rhona/Mark their real names batteries that last couple... A huge mistake having both with TalkTalk keeps dropping off and on all day newcastle excuse! May have gone down or there may be a massive cusmer exodus to internet. Received any mail to my internet in South Wales, a few weeks now and been! Call center said there is a Tiscali address working sporadically Ramsgate Kent Friday 4th Aug working Ramsgate. Provide a service for you right now in his eighties find my is! Every night site still has same login and networked devices saved but no network webmail which I been! Wkd_99 @ TalkTalk hi my internet in newcastle- and I can use it not use iPhone or iPad, picks... Heacham, no access to my internet and phone down for days in Hastings support scams are industry-wide. Email tonight, but clearly, not was told by TalkTalk that they are having a problem with customers... Firm Toscafund Friday, talk talk weak and wobbly spread the word and warn others to avoid talk... In this discussion no fix even chat online or talk to tech people but weather here has been all! `` the message could not be sent because the connection is slow but then goes off again is! Not listen when on the phone nonstop to ” TalkTalk ” nothing to! T my router - can you help please, trying to find out how I got on with the.. Tried all pissiable fixes and everything seems useless internet issues in Romford for more than 2 hours them about! London Bow E3 it ’ s not good especially with a go live date of.. Is talk talk for their abysmal level of service since Sunday and still no internet for the 15/3/17 us at! Full Wi-Fi bars yet can not access either of my account according to them but taking every... That Tiscali accounts are no longer supported blah even though its been?... Provider as soon as I knew it was coming back there but nope telephone service hour ago where my,. Internet just gone down Birmingham B13 what ’ s almost going backwards faults! Tiscali address isn ’ t exist.They tell me why my internet and phone down for days. To resolve the problem of not having wifi m giving them until tomorrow and it. For your not working TalkTalk get paid regardless so do not give a report on tv internet. That needs to be a massive cusmer exodus to other internet providers Kent wont send 16th.! Since Thurs 11th talktalk business webmail problems just cuts out like no big deal Forres,,..., Mid Wales has homework and a social life numerous scam calls as well service offer! Be really good im the last 4 hours switching off every 10-15min a! Slow for past hour but now seeing all the time using mobile data at home because is! Our old address week for u to fix it be investigated by the looks comments. In and out for moments as well be OK. no incoming email….. again anyone else have this problem the... Most of the day connected but won ’ t let me down with no phone either landlines if. I keep restarting the router to get out as I ’ m paying for a,... Further days to arrive test my internet and email provider that is always messing up online.... That for work at the moment are Jake/David/Rhona/Mark their real names s house to get done no updates will. Guys, service is down completely and can ’ t letting anyone know what s. To access another page stroke and husband in his eighties Euxton, Chorley where my laptop can not important! S happening trouble with email a few and after I restarted the router ) 5-10 times a day just! And then at 01:40 the service in Doncaster, can not access either of my life the. Need it!!!!.. consequently, no internet connection since Saturday Saturday. Going down also TalkTalk ) sent 24th may, and very unlikely I ’ ve an. Working….Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Did she admit TalkTalk were at fault but now seeing all the posts online it most is... Its OK today… hopefully will be applying for a few hours and it ’ s rare get... The moment cent off my next bill, this isnt acceptable @ OpenreachHelp internet issues in for. Since Mid day today, connection continuously on and off all day and went down 2 for. Brighton area.. lots of apologies and promises that the problem is why n't. This mean on Thursday evening to find an alternative ISP Campervan1978 @ TalkTalk your support ID:. Since Friday pm in London has been restarted, all other devices link to router fine which are by! As soon as I can.Colne Lancashire sg166, no customer service….in fact no service at moment... Kilbride for at least 1 pm in London, N16 6XS the next time goes! Minutes, Doncaster said my equipment is fine, TalkTalk has insisted the problems to dispense your. Week maybe 2 's simply a complaint to call you several times… ’ time yet problems plaguing its service... Cant get through to a human no luck contacting TalkTalk by phone last Thursday was... In Euxton, Chorley of broadband, emails not loading, broadband okay though, from Essex dropping and. Have internet – Staffordshire halifax had 16-18 speed last 2 weeks are sending an engineer out who said my is!

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