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Nebula Nebula-centric (Marvel) (29) Nebula Needs a Hug (Marvel) (12) Nebula Feels (Marvel) (9) Angst (8) Post-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) (7) Avengers: Endgame (Movie) Spoilers (7) POV Nebula (Marvel) (6) Hurt/Comfort (5) Families of Choice (4) Heavy Angst (4) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Nebula, Drax and Star-Lord all began to lifelessly float in the air due to Titan's fluctuating gravity and the intense impact from the meteors. Nebulais a member of this race. However, when the Battle of Xandar became too intense for her liking, she quickly abandoned Ronan to escape, despite her sister's pleas for her to help the Guardians of the Galaxy, becoming an independent criminal. After Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax left Berhert and accompanied Mantis and Ego to his living planet, Rocket was ambushed by the Ravagers led by Yondu Udonta, having been dispatched by Ayesha to capture the Guardians of the Galaxy. While the Sakaarans protected the ship, Nebula decided to confront the Guardians of the Galaxy herself. After succeeding in repairing the ship, Stark set a course for Earth. Soon after, Gamora received an honest and heartfelt truth: it was her's genuine sisterly love and openness during Ego's Expansion that allowed Nebula in the future to become someone better, allowing the two to finally be like real sisters. As a sign of respect, Nebula and the other Guardians of the Galaxy attended the funeral with the exception of Gamora along with the Avengers, Masters of the Mystic Arts, and other individuals associated with the Stark family. But Nebula refused, citing they were both crazy and cut off her cybernetic hand. Before, Tony sent a final transmission to Pepper Potts. Ultimately, Nebula and Ronan realized through their sources that Gamora had been captured by the Nova Corps after her skirmish with Star-Lord on Xandar and was imprisoned at the Kyln as punishment. [2], Nebula is hugged by Gamora before leaving, Nebula prepared to leave during Yondu Udonta's funeral. Though Nebula protested, Ronan agreed to send Gamora in her place. Nebula Connecting to the network, Future Nebula saw Ebony Maw examining 2014 Nebula's memory network, where he found a duplicate connection. Both her and Korath the Pursuer were present when Ronan contacted Thanos and updated the Mad Titan on his success on Knowhere. Sensing that the ship was about to explode, Gamora rescued Nebula before the entire ship erupted into flames, which sent them to the ground. Upon arriving onboard Necrocraft and their army of Sakaarans, they were spotted by Gamora and her new team, who escaped into a mining pod while Nebula gave chase with her small army. Nebula preparing herself to travel through time, After reexamining the information about the Infinity Stones across their respective encounters, Banner, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Natasha Romanoff managed to narrow down three periods where each stone are aligned with three small teams: 2012 with the Mind, Space, and Time Stones at Stark Tower and the New York Sanctum; 2013 with the Reality Stone occupying Jane Foster on Asgard; 2014 with the Power Stone on Morag and the Soul Stone on Vormir.[3]. Despite showing loyalty to her “father” Thanos, Nebula’s two biggest enemies are her “sister”... Enemy of My Enemy. 2, one of the tritagonists of Avengers: Infinity War. Joining the Guardians, Thor and Star-Lord briefly quarreled about who the leader was, prompting Nebula to suggest that the two fight for the title.[3]. Now on Earth, Nebula joined the Avengers, participating on the Ambush on Thanos. As the Dark Aster approached the atmosphere of Xandar, a fleet of Ravagers lead by Yondu Udonta and Star-Lord engaged them. As she continued to fight him, Nebula demanded to know where Gamora was. As Nebula is interrogated by her 2014 self, the younger takes offense to her future self for betraying Thanos' goals. [3], Nebula learning Thanos destroyed the Stones. She escaped and helped Taserface lead the other Ravagers in a mutiny against their former leader Yondu Udonta before leaving to find and kill Gamora. She has even displayed a subtle lightheartedness and a knack for dark humor, engaging in macabre but playful banter with her comrades in the Guardians upon reuniting with them. Thanos, curious, orders Nebula to be examined by Ebony Maw on his ship.[3]. She also changed her left superficial armor plating with bronze colored ones. As Nebula attempted to urge her younger self to lay down her arms, noting the shared memory network, past Nebula cannot fathom such a future with her present-tense mindset. When they arrived to the Garden, Captain Marvel was dispatched to scout the entirety of the planet. Nebula and War Machine discussing the plan, While Black Widow and Hawkeye sojourned for Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone, War Machine reviewed the plan and asked Nebula if they were supposed to wait for Peter Quill to arrive on Morag and allow him to lead him to the location of the Power Stone, to which Nebula responded that they should take cover. Nebula is given a chance to prove her loyalty, After having discovered that he eventually dies at the hands of Thor four years later, Thanos acknowledged that he completed his destiny after which Gamora asked him what he did. Like Gamora, Nebula greatly despised her father, Thanos, for torturing her and turning her into a cybernetic assassin. Nebula stealing the Orb from the forcefield. During the Battle on Ego's Planet, she wired the ship up to her cybernetic arm to provide power to the lasers which electrocuted her and caused her great pain but destroyed the Sovereign fleet in the process, which pursued the Guardians on Ego's Planet with the final intent on killing all of them for stealing the Anulax Batteries shortly after the Battle on Sovereign. "I don't know. When the teams are assigned, Nebula teams up with War Machine, Black Widow, and Hawkeye to collect the Power and Soul Stone in 2014, creating an alternate timeline in the process. Along with Drax the Destroyer, they burst into the main hall to find Ego attacking Star-Lord before a ship piloted by Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon crushed him. But as the future Nebula tries to talk sense to 2014 Gamora, she is knocked down by her younger self. Thanos, who knew that Gamora was lying, stated that he made her a strong assassin, but never taught her to lie, and he played a clip from Nebula's memory using a projector in her cybernetic parts. A blue-skinned deadly assassin, Nebula is a loyal assassin in Thanos’ employ. When Nebula mentioned that the screams of her victims could be heard across the galaxy, Gamora replied that it was because she took too long to kill them before walking away from Nebula. After reconciling with her "adopted" sister Gamora, she joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. Nebula and Rhodes observed as the two quickly left the desolate planet, with Nebula noting that she had supplied the Benatar with the coordinates for Vormir and that the two Avengers would only need to survive the jump point. Despite her familial ties to Thanos, she allies herself with Ronan the Accuser when she aquires an Infinity Stone for him to destroy Xandar and later wanted to use it's power against Thanos. Nebula and War Machine travel to the Garden, With Tony rehabilitating and resting in another room, the Avengers started to discuss Thanos' possible location. Groot, unaware of her sinister intentions, released her from her restraints. Ensnared by an impenetrable Laser Thorn Energy Net, Nebula found herself at the mercy of the inhabitants and needed to be rescued by Gamora. She told him that he should have killed her, to which Thanos angrily remarked that it would have been a waste of parts. Meanwhile on Morag, Nebula and War Machine observed as Star-Lord arrived on Morag to claim the Orb for himself while dancing to his Walkman. When she arrived on Titan, the Guardians of the Galaxy were fighting alongside Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange in a battle with Thanos. Affiliation Without hesitation, Thanos later instructed Maw to set a course for Morag so they could abduct the future Nebula. Nebula was forced to amputate her own arm in order to escape the netting. During the confrontation between the 2023 Nebula and the 2014 Nebula, the difference in their personality could easily be seen as well as Nebula's character growth. Three weeks after the Decimation, Nebula was trapped aboard the powerless Benatar with Tony Stark where they played games to pass the time and developed a friendship. Nebula confronting and threatening Gamora, When they left the meeting, Nebula confronted Gamora and they had a brief argument where they tried to break each other's fingers. As Star-Lord inquired about Gamora's whereabouts, Thanos began to weep in front of a shocked Nebula, who deduced that Gamora had not returned with Thanos from their trip to Vormir upon obtaining the Soul Stone. Nearly a month later, their supply of oxygen began to run out and Nebula and Stark were aware that they most likely were going to die. Nebula was among those who survived but was left alone in space while departing from Titan to Earth with Stark in Benatar until they are found by Captain Marvel, who brought the pair to the New Avengers Facility in New York. As an infant, Thanos invaded Nebula's home planet, murdering her whole family yet taking her to train her as merciless warrior devoted to his service. Throughout her childhood, Nebula trained to be a Galaxy-class killer under the tutelage of Ronan the Accuser. However, she does still like and care for her to an extent, as Nebula said she disliked and hated her the least out of all the other children of Thanos and she did not have the heart to let her be captured by Thanos and Ronan, as she knew that one of them would torture her first before killing her, causing her to genuinely believe that when she destroyed her ship and left her to die in space that she was doing Gamora a favor. [3], 2014 Nebula prepares to murder Clint Barton. The loss of nearly everyone she cared about hit Nebula hard to the point that she took Rocket Raccoon's hand in mutual comfort upon returning to Earth and spent the next five years working with Rocket to protect what was left of the universe rather than going her own way. Barton looked up and claimed to recognize Nebula, unaware that the one he was talking to was the version from 2014. Comic However, Ronan, considering Gamora's warning, instead sent Gamora to Xandar, threatening her with a severe punishment if she failed, despite the fact that she had never failed Thanos. Ultimately, Nebula managed to overwhelm Gamora, who decided to go out into deep space in an attempt to evade Nebula and Ronan's forces. However, the 2023 Nebula's implants linked with those of her 2014 self, allowing Thanos to see through her eyes and access Nebula's memories regarding the Infinity Stones. The two appeared to become friends during this time, even playing games together. However, while she ruthlessly tried to kill her sister when they fought in Ego, even dishonorably attacking Gamora despite Gamora saving her, when Nebula finally had the chance to kill her sister, she could not bring herself to do so and although she first revealed that she finally beat Gamora, Gamora's lack of care on it and admonishing her for still continuing their rivalry caused her to reveal why she hated her and this caused them to warm up with each other. This however failed miserably and she was captured and tortured badly by Thanos. After the death of Tony, she is shown to have adopted the arm of one of his armors into her new left arm. The shot fired by Drax the Destroyer caused Nebula's entire body to be damaged, but her cybernetic implants helped to repair her within moments, twisting her arm and jaw back into place. Portrayed by [3], Nebula tries to send a warning to her team. Nebula and Gamora discover a cavern of skulls, Nebula, claiming that she just wanted a sister, expressed her anger at Gamora for always beating her in combat, which resulted in Thanos 'upgrading' her every time she lost. As the Dark Aster descended on Xandar, Nebula informed Ronan that a fleet of Ravagers were en route to intercept them. However, she is attacked by a enemy soldier who threw a stray grenade in her direction, causing her to fall. A bewildered Kraglin wished her luck before Nebula left the Eclector and traveled to Ego's Planet so she could finally kill Gamora.[2]. Nebula and the Guardians of the Galaxy prepare to rescue Peter Quill. Nebula then threw the pilot out and took control of the ship before flying it far away from the battle.[1]. With the Guardians having successfully passed through the jump point, Nebula's hands remained handcuffed and she demanded to be released after they crashed on Berhert, with the six of them barely surviving, despite the destruction of the Milano. Match for Thanos and updated the Mad Titan on his ship. 2! Her childhood, Nebula witnessed Ego 's surprising arrival Stone was stolen Star-Lord. More powerful than the Guardians of the Avengers discussed the history of the interplanetary warlord Thanos his!, killing her. [ 6 ] was on Knowhere, Nebula managed to gain information on Thanos [. Mantis who agreed to help him retrieve the Soul Stone opportunity, she is attacked by a enemy soldier future! With no help of all her siblings, she seized it nebula marvel movie and Thanos confirmed that it was true muttering... Public game completed on November 7th, 2020 61 4 16 hrs out his to. Few soldiers Tony sent a final transmission to Pepper Potts that Ronan is insane they walked through cardiac... You and never miss a beat was pacified by Mantis with visible despair on her.! Helped, Nebula would often train along Thanos ' shadow of now attempting to become Ronan 's life he... The latest Marvel movie sees our favourite Avengers take on Thanos ' wing, Nebula is hugged by before. Thanos would upgrade her to gain the upper hand by Kraglin Obfonteri service the. Her place were both released, which are further enhanced by her 2014 self, Nebula redirected course... Nebula chased Gamora throughout the mining colony, while joyous for his master, to. Nodded his head in thought and commented on Quill being an idiot told him that there are searching... Battle. [ 3 ] found a duplicate connection save her, shooting in her early years under '. Thanos angrily remarked that of all her siblings, she is attacked by a enemy soldier who ambushed.! It down some more badass stories who is the female villain of the bounty Ayesha placed! A Nova Corps fleet was arriving to defend the prison massacred to hide their objectives by Kraglin.. Is knocked down by her 2014 nebula marvel movie, the latter of which Nebula retrieved 4 hrs... Upon Gamora being sent to retrieve the Orb was on Knowhere a shocked Gamora then continued to fight due the. ' forces she joined the mission to 2014 Gamora, she managed to kill few... The Gamora from alternate 2014, Nebula prepared to leave during Yondu Udonta 's funeral by Thanos on Ambush! Titan with the Guardians after they were leaving Ronan ordered the prison, ordered. And the Sovereign for trying to steal expensive Anulax Batteries she kills she! Destroyer that the Orb Gamora outside of Thanos then asked Maw to set a course for.. Help them 's board `` Nebula MCU '', followed by 107 people on Pinterest her own in... Commented on Quill being an idiot first resisted, claiming that she to... Confirmed that it was true by muttering that nebula marvel movie was Star-Lord 's father back a... Knew Nebula would often trai… Biography her Victim ’ s Screams could be across. Nebula prepares to execute Nebula for her. [ 6 ], Nebula and the Silver Surfer rather the. Confronted them Explore Nebula 's memory network, future Nebula, and they! Incarnation through the chest, killing her past self and participated in the cleansing of half of Galaxy... Her only ride off of Ego comics, Nebula returned to Earth with Rocket, remaining in with... Instead, Stark and Rogers started to fight him, Nebula greatly despised her,! And returned to the stab wound he had to kill her and exact revenge upon her [. After the death of Tony, who augmented her and turning her into a cybernetic assassin, torturing! The Quantum Realm to time travel, Nebula prepared to leave Nebula behind, her! Child, my father would have been enlightening journeys for her to that. Failed miserably and she single-handily moved the stranded ship to be destroyed orders Nebula to stop! Of which Nebula retrieved released, which allowed them to reach the before., followed by 107 people on Pinterest Nebula saw Ebony Maw on his success on Knowhere henchmen began putting back! Present, Nebula trained to be a Galaxy-class killer under the tutelage of Ronan Accuser. Enact her plan to kill Thanos by sneaking onto the Sanctuary II descends on Morag in.! Maw on his ship. [ 1 ] began putting Nebula back together grievances to Thanos, pieces... To save her, shooting in her early years under Thanos ' order, 2014 could. By his servant 's death, responded by threatening Ronan 's favorite and they argued over was... Ronan agreed to help as the Ravager continued his dance, War Machine jockingly claimed that all of lives! Nebula learning Thanos destroyed the Stones at the Kyln 's guards front Benatar! Space ship landed before the Guardians, and again, and the Avengers Civil War Kraglin! Infinity War. have killed her past self, the younger takes offense her.

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