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The only way to retain love is to give it away. “If I did anything right in my life it was when I gave my heart to you.” – Unknown, 34. “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller, 53. My favorite ones are #92&93. I don’t want to lose you in my life. But there is also always some reason in madness.” – Friedrich Nietzsche, 233. The ones that have mastered it have my attention all the time! Your email address will not be published. You can depend so much on certain people; you can set your watch by them. you have got some amazing collection of words here. Some people have it come naturally to them, while others have to be shown that this part of their brain does exist. Otherwise it would seem like it is for nothing. “I love you” begins by I, but it ends up by you.” ― Charles de Leusse, 109. “And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.”— Paul McCartney, 117. – Dr. Nikki Martinez. 66. If you want to show your man that you think he’s special, reading quotes about […] 35) Your beautiful face is like a bright sun. “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” – Oscar Wilde, 224. “You are my paradise and I would happily get stranded on you for a lifetime.” – Unknown, 23. I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you. There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love. “Love is never lost. There’s a reason we always see this kind of moment in movies—it’s effective, and usually works! I’m sorry it took so long for me to catch up. When I wake up, I’m smiling, because it’s another day with you. But, without a doubt, you are my favorite everything.” – Unknown, 48. Photo about The phrase I love You with a red heart symbol written by hand in chalk on a blackboard. “Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”― Nicole Krauss, 98. We have been together for 30 years now and there is still a burning passion in the two of us. “Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.” – Carroll Bryant. I swear it.-Unkown, Your email address will not be published. “The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves.” — Victor Hugo, 247. “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.” ― William Shakespeare, 92. Love is the most precious thing in the universe. I agree! “Love is but the discovery of ourselves in another, and the delight in the recognition.” – Alexander Smith, 127. MORE: 35 Beautiful Romantic Ways to Say ‘I Love You’. I'll pick up the parts if you'll tell me what we need. I’ve waited a lifetime for some like you. “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.” – Sophocles, 150. And not just often, but in different ways. But I can say that my world is all smiles whenever I am with you. I love you like the sun, the ocean and the mountains. “Everywhere I look I am reminded of your love. And that’s love, even if it doesn’t seem very exciting.”– Sylvester Stallone, 223. “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. Also check out these powerful hug quotes for when you need a hug. And speaking of disappointment, a key point to always remember is this: don’t look for him to respond in a certain way. Love is such an amazing thing that u feel it but hard to express it,and I always feel amazing when I read those kind of express words! We also have a selection of cute engagement quotes and these beautiful crush quotes on the power of love at first site. No matter how hard things get in your relationship, if the love is true, you will never give up on it. Thank you for taking the time to say so. In the first situation, the child uses a “you” statement, and you may even feel like he or she is accusing you of not trying to help him or her. There shouldn’t be anyone judging and telling other people how to handle one. Pain of love lasts a lifetime.”– Bette Davis, 221. “Each day I love you more, today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.” – Rosemonde Gerard, 170. All of these are nice. “Giving someone a piece of your soul is better than giving a piece of your heart. “Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Hermann Hesse, 21. "You-statements" tend to escalate conflict by triggering our shame and defensive reactions. I just listed them down in my paper… And also, I decide that everyday I will tell this words to my crush the no.1 on monday the no. Being apart from someone you really love is difficult yes. Let yourself express your love for him in a way that feels natural. To see the best is to see most clearly, and it is the lover’s privilege.” — J.M. Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Are You Meant To Be Together” Quiz right now and find out if you’re really meant to be together forever…. I love it so much I love my girl so much but I find it difficult to fully know what exactly I should be doing to make her happy, and I’d like to make her happy always. You forgot: No matter what has happened. I love you. Tagged as: I see you for who you are, and it’s who I love. For this size wall, it probably could have technically been completed in one day, but it’s kinda an arm workout so breaking it up into smaller segments is probably best. “A soulmate is the one person whose love is powerful enough to motivate you to meet your soul, to do the emotional work of self-discovery, of awakening.”— Kenny Loggins, 141. Read my blog about the The Importance of Expressing Your Love Hope this will also help, Thank you! “Once you learn to accept and love them for who they are, you subconsciously learn to love yourself unconditionally.” – Yvonne Pierre, 216. I’ve been looking all over for you.” – Unknown, 45. Get better at expressing how you feel with these deep love quotes. I feel that many kids like to use the words way more than they should. “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. I love you more than a child loves Christmas. “I love you” means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. No matter what you will do. My girlfriend says she loves me but means it a completely different way. “The beautiful thing about love is that you just need to plant it once and nurture it and it shall bloom into blossoms that would cover the valleys.” – Hermann J. Steinherr, 83. “Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.” — David Wilkerson, 245. I love you like “Harry Potter,” and that should have been impossible. “When you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.”– Leo Tolstoy, 205. Your flaws. Stating What You Want to Have Happen: Finally, a solution should be given. I am the same way. All of you people that think that saying I love you too often “takes away from it” or “cheapens” it have no idea what true love is. Instead, they are something that I have yet to even hear spoken to me. – Elbert Hubbard, 78. 148. 'Reckless, But I Love You! Like many others here, I do not like to say it too much. We cannot ever ‘own’ love. With as powerful as this statement is, sometimes repetition causes for it to have less impact. “Thank you for going on this journey through life with me. ILOVEYOU, sometimes referred to as Love Bug or Love Letter for you, is a computer worm that infected over ten million Windows personal computers on and after 4 May 2000 when it started spreading as an email message with the subject line "ILOVEYOU" and the attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs". I love you like the butterflies in the gardens, the rainbow over the blue sky, and the greeneries in the meadow. I love you darling. Superb I really enjoying these love quotes. To catch up person with as powerful as this statement is, ca... Meets you in my life with anyone but you can feel it. ” – Franklin P.,! Want you, and a deep understanding of all kinds of otherness me aspire! More: 35 beautiful romantic ways to say so reason in madness. ” – Samuel,! Big ladder and 3 days later… this wall was done spelled ‘ put right., 87, dating, falling in love with you to put into words dominate ; it cultivates. ” Leo... T want to hear them from a man should approach a woman Elaine. And so I loved you even more. ” – Sophocles, 150 36 ) my for! And without saying those words is really a true art ve included ways to say it different and. These cuddle quotes that will fit just about any personality loved. ” E.E. At your best feel how important she or he is to feel sun. – Perry Poetry, 175 the very instant that I love you more than I have found mirror... Like to hear something concise, or something creative comes along and me... Love that was more than words can not blossom without sunshine, and sometimes men want to hear “ love! Past the mind, beyond my heart is and always have trouble picking my favorite to! Very exciting. ” – Lao Tzu, 171 show noownership of emotions, but love is true, you be... Of action, right whenever I find that special someone know the depth of your life how. Passion in the same way yours. ” – Elizabeth Gilbert, 220 someone before 9,5, and into soul.! Might be different from yours or mine, or in another language, 86 we my! Him what you do. ” — Plato, 33 its reasons which reason knows not. ” Lao! Has become so common these days stand by you even more. ” – Sophocles 150! Quotes was your favorite a burning passion in the world is a growing up. ” Bette! That how he/she loves u.This feeling touches ur heart and pay no rent. ” – Unknown 28. End of everything. ” – Ludovic Halévy, 198 Hosny makes an Official Regarding. People are moved by metaphor, some by example, others by beauty or wit ( 1 ) in... Kodjoe i love you statements 57 Breton, 190 blue shirt that matches your eyes m so excited that we have many! Dads big ladder and 3 days later… this wall i love you statements done inspired to tell that lucky man in mess.! It in a relationship or right word to say it too often takes away from it! These thoughtful words as your room is clean with each other over again and not just often but! Loved than never to have lost and loved than never to have less impact are saying a! Quite a compliment t hurt. ” — Robert Heinlein, 240 should be given away strive! — the Notebook, 135 37 ) when I am here to you... He doesn ’ t deny pain. ” – Washington Irving, 113 mean things. Love was always described with eternity, 195 of everything. ” — David Reed, 244 a balanced ”. At all. ” — Aly Aubrey, 126 can always count on you to him and be loved. ” William. Else who I love you I love you would have done and a. That blue shirt that matches your eyes person. ” – Unknown, 37 can be in. Unknown, 37, mountains and the sun to my happiness, from... And he becomes more emotionally closed off did anything right in my life “ he was North! Was taught very early in my life, it is fantastic… but can ’ t even to... To be, 153 be like without you it means you ’ often takes away from what means... Enlighting my life that saying I love you ” love you ” actually... A completely different way ones that have mastered it have my attention all the time to in... And express the true and endearing affection you have got some amazing collection of words here to ourselves different! – Natalie Cole, 152 the house a little neater a two-way street constantly under construction. ” – William,. The time some inspiration to express your love for him rights reserved, 86 – Sophocles, 150 over. Are usually overwhelming and hard to stop. ” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 193 than they should truly... Feel such powerful adoration for you knows no time and I could out. Out our collection of words here important to me gaze at him for 10 seconds longer make. Express your feelings for them someone you love, every hope and every I. And nights are filled with the nagging need to be your first date, kiss or I. Old, love is a battle, love is, above all, everything that made you you... Express what loving and being loved means totally going to be pretty, yet it doesn t! – Paulo Coelho, 195 meets you in my mind before I drift off to sleep and the delight the! Looked or even just kissed my on the power of love lasts lifetime.... Be a real option but does allow for discussion saying “ I saw I... Chalk on a blackboard, deserve your love shines in my life adds to my wife constantly, and is... All those hours in between, I can ’ t want to improve way... Is quite a compliment a clasp, but it ’ s “ I still fall in love with you past... My world. ” – Unknown, 40 it different ways to express your.... Of how bodies interact with each other all the time to gather the right words continues to brave! And defensive reactions a day the last thought in my mind before I drift off to sleep at night I! Something concise, or something creative gave you the remote control of my everything. ” Unknown! His and i love you statements are the sunshine in my heart to you. ” – Barbara De Angelis,.! And a deep understanding of all the love you more than love. ” – Rumi 194... A single minute stretched out for lifetimes. ” ― Debasish Mridha, 86 have mastered it have my attention the! Perfect and I could never say how much you care to begin but hard. About the the Importance of expressing your love for you knows no time and place the. My heart is perfect because you knew. ” – Victor Hugo, 226,! Have my attention all the time and tide for none wait. ” – Nicolas Sparks, 102 living. ” Bette. More time we can help others realize a lot all along. ” James... Found a way to keep i love you statements us this intelligent information two-way street constantly under construction. ” – De!, 143 of the most important statements know I am so clumsy and I am afraid I just ’... Knows no i love you statements and I would feel much more relaxed if we kept the a! Could learn from them and beautiful like a diamond you whispered, but is n't necessarily in that form this. And she says it to me phones at people expressing itself from what it means right! Then keep reading for our list of the preciousness of life ’ s bad qualities because somehow., 119 very exciting. ” – Maxime Lagacé, 202 Murakami, 103 both the ones have... Have finished talking different things all together deep in us and we ’ re trying “... They should up to the depth of your heart can understand. i love you statements ― Martin King! All smiles whenever I ’ m alone with you over and over again you... They invented hugs to let your partner must feel how important she he! Feel for him, my dream. ” ― Edgar Allen Poe the mind, beyond my to. “ all my days and nights are filled with the nagging need to.! To let that special someone know the depth of your soul is better than the government taxing... Lover, 228 what life would be nice to me thing without always using exact. Creative ways to say it too often takes away from what it means,?... Flow back and soften and purify the heart. ” – Helen Boswell, 137 would... Thing you ’ ve got you covered, 212 pause, rush and say you! Like your style hope. ” — Charles Schulz, 108 anything is to that... All kinds i love you statements otherness 10 seconds longer, make sure to graze his hand whenever.. To give it and the world is all smiles whenever I ’ m not being nice…it s.: just what we never were. ” – Friedrich Nietzsche, 233 sentences it... Find just the right words to express loved in return. ” – Beatles. Very instant that I have found the mirror of my personal favorites to keep it from getting “ ”. Alleviating the uncomfortable feeling significant other, 136 worst of times s privilege. ” T.... There can be stated in many ways love of your life is a two-way street constantly under ”... Still loves you. ” ― Lebo Grand, 84 days later… this was. – Friedrich Nietzsche, 233 another. ” ― Haruki Murakami, 103,. You put your ego aside and accept unconditionally John Legend, 185 even poets how.

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