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These considerations are reflected in the curriculum. Students will read modules in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, and be exposed to the interplay between these three key areas in the practice of data science. Major in Statistics. The project extends over two semesters and takes up half of the students’ workload in the honours year. The project will provide the students with the opportunity to explore and integrate their knowledge in the specialised field. For almost all us, this was the final exam of our time as an Economics major in the National University of Singapore. The department offers a B.Sc. with a Major in Statistics [120 MCs] B.Sc. ST2131 / MA2216 *. JDP Requirements NUS participants in this JDP will complete in NUS: 52 MC (Modular Credits) of Major requirements, 8 MC of Faculty requirements, 20 MC of General Education, and 20 MC of Unrestricted Elective Modules. (Hons.) The interdisciplinary nature of Statistics is reflected in our curriculum. in Statistics program. National University of Singapore I have gotten quite a couple of questions regarding my current MSc Statistics programme in NUS. In the development of Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science respectively provide the theoretical foundation and the computational tools while real-world problems stimulate and guide further research. • Students with a CAP of at least 4.00 will work on an individual project. Students who start honours project in semester 2 may attend talks given by semester 1 students, for interest and to meet the quota since there may be less honours students in semester 2 intake. Probability: GAN Fah Fatt: ZHOU Wang: ST2132: Mathematical Statistics : David CHEW: ST2137: Computer Aided Data Analysis : CHAN Yiu Man Students who are enrolled in the Engineering & Economics double degree programme and intend to pursue double honours may opt to complete a 16-MC Integrated Honours Project which will count towards the requirements and CAP of both degrees. Career Prospects As the need for extensive data collection, processing and analyses increases across various sectors, DSA graduates can expect to build a career as data science professionals in both public and private firms, in industries ranging from technology to infocomm, transportation, telecommunications, e-commerce, etc. Updated 17 July 2019 . The four-year direct honours BSc (Project & Facilities Management) programme combines management and technologically oriented subjects in a holistic and integrated manner. (Hons.) It is designed to develop leaders for the built environment sector. Honours students have the options to specialize in Data Science by taking modules in Data Mining and Multivariate Statistical Analysis, or to specialize in Finance and Business Statistics by taking modules in Actuarial Statistics and Statistical Methods for Finance. I look forward to a wave and a smile, and maybe just maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to share your story. Block S16, Level 7, 6 Science Drive 2, Faculty Of Science, National University of Singapore Singapore 117546; Tel: +65 6516 4416; Fax: +65 6872 3919 The integrated honours project will be jointly supervised by faculty members from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Mathematics, and must contain elements of both computer science and mathematics. Here are some broadstroke information about the programme and how I am approaching it. and B.Sc. Format of the Honours Project Students who start project work in AY 201will either work on an individual project or 9/20 participate in a project-seminar group. The last two internship segments take the form of an Honours-level project (DSA4299). NUS students are set to conduct their Honours year research project s in UoD focusing on their chosen tracks . NUS Internship. with a major in Statistics (specialisation in Data Science) [160 MCs] B.Sc. AY2015/16 Honours Project List. A student pursuing a double honours degree programme without specialisation can choose to undertake: One integrated honours year project or; One Computing honours year project and one Mathematics honours year project Statistics is an interdisciplinary subject by nature. Find the lists of NUS Supervisors & Projects of Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, School of Computing, School of Computing, School of (Hons.) The four-year direct Honours programme is designed to prepare graduates who are ready to acquire, manage and explore data that will inspire change around the world. For students matriculated in AY2017/18 and after: B.Sc. degree programmes with a primary major in Statistics; Honours students majoring in Statistics have the option to specialize in Biostatistics or in Finance and Business Statistics. At the undergraduate level, we offer B.Sc. Overview. It also aims to provide students with valuable international work experience and gain a foothold in the various industries. The project will provide the best students with opportunities to explore the meeting points of their two disciplines. (Hons.) Similar to the UROPS project, the honours project allows the student to engage actively in research, discussions, intellectual communications … 3. The core statistical education consists of probability and stochast… Students will read modules in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, and be exposed to the interplay between these three key areas in the practice of data science. No Name of Student Project Title Supervisors Co-Supervisors Remarks; 1: ... ... Photon statistics of celestrial light sources: Prof Kurtsiefer: Assoc Prof Phil Chan: 52: YONG ZIXIN: We had finally completed our fourth year which is sometimes referred to as the honours year. • Students with a CAP of at least 3.95 but less than 4.00 would be …

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